OnePlus TV: Everything You Need to Know About Oneplus Smart TV

Technology has gone through some significant innovations over the years. Phones are converted to smartphones, watches now come with more function other than showing the correct time, and even televisions have passed through some astonishing changes. They have become smarter like other electronics with time.

Of late, we can see a drastic change that has gone through in the television market. The sales have gone up and the market is on the rise after seeing a down for a few years. This is due to the introduction of new technologies and affordable ranges of television sets by some popular brands like Xiomi, Thomson, iFFALCON, VU, etc. There are different varieties of this electronic gadget like android TV, Standard TV, and Smart TV.

Most of the non-tech people do not know the fundamental differences between new-age televisions, including Android and Smart TVs. According to them, both are pretty much the same! Both Smart and Android TV are multimedia competent TVs that be integrated with apps and can stream recorded or live content from a variety of online services like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, etc.

So, to solve the untold mystery, in this article we are going to give a full rundown about what is smart and android TV and what is the major difference between them.


What is the Difference between Smart TV and Android TV?

What is Smart TV?

Televisions, popularly known as the “idiot box” has become smart enough than people could think. Earlier smart TV was known as Connected TVs. They are the new generation flat-screen televisions that come with pre-installed apps and can connect with the internet either through the Ethernet cables or via Wi-Fi.

A smart TV has more functions and features than a regular television to play your beloved shows with crystal clear display comfortably.  You can now stream instant videos from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or Hotstar along with browsing the web.

Smart Televisions contain OS other than androids like Linux, webOS, Tizen, Smart Central and many more like this. Different OS has its committed stores from where you can download more applications of your choice and install them in the device.

The latest Up-gradation of Smart TV includes motion signal and voice command features. Playing games on the big screen and checking all the feeds of different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp are some of the benefits of having a smart TV in your home.

Smart TV is a great alternative without any new interface for those who are not in the use of android devices and want simple and convenient television to watch. Below are some of the pros and cons of smart television sets.


  • One complete unified platform package
  • Smart TV can be synced with any smartphones or other devices
  • Only one remote is enough for function instead of multiple remotes
  • Very handy and easy to install
  • Options to choose from a huge range of models manufactured by thousands of companies


  • Smart TV are no less than Android TVs in terms of price
  • Options to download only restricted applications and firmware
  • Have to face frequent crashes and hang-ups
  • Hackers can hack your TV through any radio transmitters
  • It uses an OS that is about to become obsolete.


What is Android TV?


Technically Android TVs are a type of smart TV. This type of television sets is becoming more popular these days due to its perfect picture definition and with some extra capabilities.

Android is owned by Google and has its OS. The TVs with android as their OS have Google assistance that can operate functions like volume increasing or decreasing or simply changing the channel number just by your voice commands.

Due to the assistance of Google; it also has a voice search operation that allows you to voice command using a remote in a hassle-free manner. You can control all your smart devices of your home through your TV by pairing with the android TV.

Well, Android TV is the first choice over smart TV for those who own a smartphone and is very tech-savvy. The best thing about these TV sets is that they possess Android as an OS that can be updated from time to time with the latest up-gradation just like your android smartphones.

You can download any application from the Google Play store to search and download any open-source application and install them on your TV. Due to open-source Android usage, this type of television is much cheaper than smart TVs.

You can watch any online streaming content from sources like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, publications or any gaming apps. In fact, you can also convert any smart TV to android TV using Android TV Box like NVIDIA shield, Skytream One, Minix Neo U1, and Amazon Fire TV.

Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of Android Television sets.


  • Budget-Friendly and a lot cheaper than smart TV
  • Options of large, open-source, downloadable application library to select from
  • Easy up-gradation procedure
  • Can check social feed through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Easy to use just like an android smartphone


  • Will be difficult to operate if anyone is not accustomed to the android interface
  • Have fewer manufacturers compared to smart TV


 Final Thoughts about Android and Smart Televisions

At last, as we conclude our article, we hope you can now very well distinguish and understand the difference between the two TV’s, smart TV and Android TV. Both types of televisions come with their strengths and weaknesses. The choice of the type of TV depends upon the need and requirements of the user. But based on the performance, price, features, and user review we have a clear winner and that is Android TV. Thus, before buying the gadget, make a checklist of all your requirements and purchase the television set according to that.

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