How to Convert Normal LED TV to Smart TV

If you have bought a TV set in recent years, then the chance is that your TV is already a Smart Television set. But if you have normal LED TV, then you are seriously omitting out some additional features that can improve your entertainment alternatives.

If you have a TV with an HDMI and USB ports, you can easily convert your normal LED TV into a smart one without paying a fortune. In this article, we are going to throw some light on how you can convert your older HDTV into an inexpensive smart TV through some simple procedures or products.


Importance of Smart TV

Smart Televisions mainly operates on internet connectivity. In LED TV only satellite-based programs can be watched. Nothing from the online media can be streamed in LED TV. The Smart TV broadcasts its own content from the terrestrial network channels which is absent in normal TV as it can only broadcast channels supplied by the provider. It works undoubtedly smart!

In a nutshell, Smart Televisions are digitalized TV with all the facilities of a LED TV along with an internet connection and storage awareness features just like a mini-computer. Whereas LED Televisions can only be used to display channels make available by the broadcaster with the help of any set-top box and DTH.


Why Smart TV is good?

Some of the key benefits of having a smart TV in your home as your entertainment device are:

  • It can share any content like photos, videos or texts from laptops, PC or mobile phones seamlessly to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • You can also talk to your loved ones through video calls from skype
  • Through online shopping apps, you can buy your preferred product right on your television
  • Can listen to your favorite music through radio or online stations
  • It is a TV OS with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and an OTA transmission facility.
  • Unconditionally supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, memory cards, and USB.
  • Websites like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu are available.
  • It has great control and usability.
  • You can also surf the internet or play our beloved game on the big screen
  • Some models of Smart televisions also have multi-screen sharing options through which you can watch more than one show on a single screen simultaneously.


Why Should You Convert LED to a Smart TV?

In the early days buying a Television means we only have options for LED or LCD TVs. This type of “Idiot Box” only transmits different types of programs from the satellite through over the air Transmission technology and displays it on the big screen.

But smart TV provides much better features with higher technologies. You can browse the internet, watch online streaming content from Netflix, YouTube, post your photos or videos directly to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, and also can play video games on the smart TV. But smart TV is a bit expensive to buy. Most of the people do not have such an elevated budget for entertainment purposes.

That is why you should convert your LED old TV into a new one just by buying a device that can be plugged in your old television through HDMI port and your LED TV is ready to run as a new Smart TV!


13 Ways to convert your Normal TV into Smart TV

Here we have explained 13 different methods to Convert LED TV into a Smart TV

#1. Fire TV Stick by Amazon


This dongle comes with a Quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8GB storage, 4.1 Bluetooth, 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, voice recognition remote and in-built microphone. You can search your favorite programs by using its voice search feature. This Stick also recommends programs on the home screen of your TV from past history records.

It can stream content of up to 1080 pixels and supports mirroring of the TV screen. Fire TV Stick by Amazon can run all the programs and games from online apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Sony Liv, Voot, etc. The price of this dongle is roughly around 4000 INR.

Set-up Procedure

  • Plug-in the device directly into the HDMI port of your TV
  • Put on the power cable and connect it to the Fire Stick
  • Turn the TV on
  • Change the input into HDMI channels
  • Select the play/pause button when instructed on the TV
  • Select the internet connection and put the ID and password
  • Sign in to your Amazon account with your required ID and password
  • Now your TV is ready to be used as a Smart TV via Amazon Fire Stick


#2. Google Chromecast Dongle


After the installation of Google Chromecast Dongle on an android or iOS based HDTV, you can watch online content form supported sources like Netflix, Hulu, Google play music, YouTube and others just by connecting this device with the internet connection of your home.

You can also send some information from a Google Browser to the LED TV through this device just by installing a Chromecast app from the Google store. The price for this device is nearly about 3500 INR.

Set-up Procedure

  • Plugin the Google Chromecast device into the HDMI port of your TV
  • Then insert the power cable of the device
  • Then turn on your television and open the Chromecast app on your PC, mobile or laptop
  • The device will then ask for ID that you have to enter in your app
  • After verification, the application will scan for the nearby device
  • It will configure itself with the wireless network
  • When the configuration is finished, it will twin with your TV and let you enjoy your favorite shows


#3. Tronsmart CX-919 


These types of devices have similar hardware features to that of a tablet and smartphones. They contain internal flash storage, ARM dependant SOCs, memory storage, android operating systems, and network controllers.

There are other options also in this range like Roku TV and Boxee Box. But since these are not android based dongles, they do not have access to an innumerable number of apps like android dongles. Tronsmart CX-919 is available at approximately INR 4300.

Set-up Procedure

  • Attach the device through the HDMI port of the TV and put on the power
  • Now plug-in a mouse or a keyboard into the dongle to finish the procedure and click enter
  • You can also connect wirelessly some other input devices through Bluetooth
  • When the device is connected to your phone or laptop, you can have access to everything on the web to your TV


#4. Apple TV 


Apple TV is a media player through which you can stream pictures, music, videos from any android or iOS device to your TV. In the case of android, you have to install apps like Apple TV AirPlayer Media Player, PlayTo, and Plex on your phone or tablet to operate the device.

But it does not have any USB port like Chromecast that can play a movie or a song directly from a pen drive. The approximate range of this dongle is nearly around Rs. 5000.

Set-up Procedure

  • Connect one part of an HDMI cable into the Apple TV and another part to your HDMI port of the TV
  • Put on the power of Apple TV
  • Turn on your television set
  • Change the input of the TV into HDMI channel
  • Step by step follow the instructions on the screen
  • After the process is complete, you can watch your LED TV just like a smart TV


Other than the above 4 products, there are other methods also to convert your LED HDTV into a smart one without any hassle. They are:


#5. Set-Top Box Media Players

This type of media player comes with a wide range of features and advantages like USB ports, slots for memory cards, internal storage, and can play HD videos and audios like OGG and FLAC.

Generally, the Set-Top Box media player starts from the range of about INR 2000.


#6. Home Theatre PC (HTPC)

HTPC can operate under various operating systems and front ends. It can stream and get access to different online programs from various apps like hotstar, voot, Hiu, etc. You can configure it easily with your home theater and are accessible in different sizes and shapes.

It is a bit on the expensive side. The price range of this type of device starts from around 23,400 INR


#7. Nintendo Wii

Those who wanted to access everything on the Apple Store and Google Play store, this should not be their first option. With all the features of a dongle, you can watch programs from only some famous apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.

It will cost you roughly around Rs. 17000.


#8. The Smart Stick

Smart Stick is a miniature version of a tablet that lets your entry through Google Play. It can block the channels through software called “Parents Area” that you want to hide from your children. It operates on the Android Operating system.

The price of the Smart Stick is nearly about INR 20,000.


#9. PlayStation TV

As evident from the name, PlayStation allows you to gain access to all the apps related to sports, news, movies, news, and games. Due to its high GUI, you can seamlessly play any of your favorite games on your big screen.

It will cost about 10000 INR


#10. Roku TV

This device is the only one available in the market that has a remote for advanced gaming and navigating. The most recent version of this device is compatible with all the 4K HD televisions. You can watch anything from over 2500 options.

The range of Roku TV starts from around 5600 INR


#11. Teewe 2

Teewee 2 is the only android dongle that has been created in India. It does not have very great online content support right at this moment, but you can stream anything from your smartphone, tablet or PC. It is the only option to convert an LED TV into a smart one for the users of Windows phones.

The price of this Indian dongle is nearly about INR 2400.


#12. Android TV

If you have the newest version of 4K TV, then Google’s Android TV is the native one for you. But older version televisions are not compatible with this dongle. It is the modern version of Chromecast with more features and power.

Android TV Boxes are available from the range of about 1200 INR.


#12. Raspberry Pi

With appropriate software, Raspberry Pi can stream any media into your TV. Just connect your HDMI cable of your TV with this device and voila! Your TV is ready to use as a smart TV.

The value of Raspberry Pi would cost you approximately Rs. 2900.


#13. Mini MK 802

This android dongle consists of 1 GHz processor, 4.0 android, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB storage, a micro SD card, two USB ports to connect to the TV. Due to its high configurations, it is quite a bit famous among the users.

The price of this device is roughly about Rs. 4000.


Wrapping Up About Converting Normal TV to Smart TV

So, after this article, I am quite sure that we have been able to give you a detailed idea on different methods and products to convert your old LED TV into a Smart TV without spending huge from your pockets.

Keep on reading our blog for more such lovely articles and information.