10 Best Natural Shampoo In India 2023

On the selection criteria. The review of the best according to the editorial board expertology.ru. This material is subjective, is not advertising, and does not serve as a guide to buying. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Many modern people have begun to pay more attention to the compositions of care products and prefer natural chemical ingredients. Such shampoos do not cause allergic reactions, do not have an aggressive effect on the scalp and hair structure, delicately washout pollution, do not affect the environment. The recipe includes products grown in a natural setting without chemical fertilizers or created by nature.

The result after washing does not directly satisfy consumers. For example, curls are not as shiny as when cleansed with silicone and sulfates; sometimes, there is an effect of insufficiency. But when you switch to natural shampoo, it’s possible. Regular use will correct the situation because the action of natural compositions is gradual but prolonged.

Features of natural products – it is a soft color due to the non-use of artificial colors, neutral smell, as synthetic flavors are not used, non-alcoholic foam due to the lack of PAW. They are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products; often, packages are released from recycled materials, allowing careful attitude to ecology.

In our ranking collected ten best natural shampoos, with which you will forever forget about products with silicones, sulfates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. Ordinary users, dermatologists, and trichologists took part in the selection.

Best Natural Shampoo In India

Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar Soap

Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar Soap

The first place is deservedly given to the product of the Russian brand, which many choose for quality, naturalness, and safety. All ingredients are hypoallergenic. Wildflowers and herbs are collected in ecological areas of the country; the compositions are enriched with valuable natural components to increase the impact. The shampoo is designed specifically for sensitive people.

The detergent is made up of plant amino acids. The first extract prevents the appearance of allergies; the second delicately cares for the curls. The daisy has an antiseptic effect. It carefully and effectively removes all pollution, including residues of styling, sebum, dust, does not violate the skin’s protective layer, has hydrogen approximate to it, and does not dry—active plant components: licorice streak and chamomile.

All interviewees confirmed the effectiveness of shampoo. Hair after use is well washed, easy to comb, fluffiness is not formed, irritations do not appear even on ultrasensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic compositionUndetected.
International Environmental Certificate
Good detergent properties
It makes it easier to comb
neutralization of static electricity.

Rivona Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Rivona Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Restoring shampoo of the well-known Russian brand is in the second place of the rating. It is designed specifically for dry and badly damaged hair. The product very gently affects the scalp, relieves irritation, prevents the formation of dandruff. There are no aggressive substances in the composition that could cause an undesirable reaction.

Natural detergents create foam, which, enveloping the hair, eliminates all the pollution accumulated during the day. The balanced complex restores the damaged structure—active components: aloe vera, panthenol, wheat proteins. The formula includes vitamin B. The aroma is a responsible composition of sandalwood, incense, patchouli, ginger, nutmeg, copay balm.

According to reviews, the remedy is soft but effective. It relieves itching and irritation from the skin of the head, softens, soothes. Hair breaks less and splits, becomes thicker and more robust, looks healthy, well-groomed. All lovers of oriental aromas liked the smell. Users recommend the remedy for purchase, and with them agree and experts-trichologists.

For very damaged hair;Undetected.
Supersoft cleansing
Oriental aroma based on essential oils;
The healing complex;
full recovery.

Herbal Essences bio renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

Herbal Essences bio renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

Third place in the ranking is the shampoo beloved by many brands, creating natural products for careful cleaning and care. Finally, a dermatological remedy based on natural components quickly copes with dandruff and serves to prevent abortion. It has been successfully tested in the Central Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and recommended by specialists.

Birch dego has antimicrobial and decontaminating. It regulates the production of subcutaneous fat, improves circulation, stimulates regeneration as a foaming base; soaproot is used, which perfectly removes the remnants of styling, fat, dust.

The formula includes menopause to suppress fungi and vitamin PP growth, which enhances therapeutic action and improves metabolic processes. The shampoo has conditioning properties, facilitates combing, does not form the effect of static voltage. Users noted that the product does not leave a sharp, specific smell of tar; it quickly weathers after drying the hair.

Therapeutic and preventive actionsUndetected.
Adjustment of the sebaceous glands
Air conditioning effect
Restoring natural processes
Good frothiness
Low price.

St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

Fourth on the list of low-cost shampoos is the Russian costar. It copes perfectly with all pollution and regulates the production of subcutaneous fat, reduces the frequency of washing the head, eliminates dander, normalizes the condition of hair and skin. The product is created based on decoctions from wild Crimean herbs. It is hypoallergenic, suitable for both men and women, can be used every day.

The formula includes peppermint extract. It has a cooling effect, softens and soothes irritated skin, stimulates regeneration and other natural processes. The tool is economically used, has a pleasant menthol smell. A natural preservative is honey stevia.

The respondents liked the domestic product with IVF labeling. It is a short time, eliminates all oily hair problems, and maintains a normal state for a long time. In addition, all highlighted the freshness throughout the day, thanks to the mint extract and the aroma that forms the peppermint essential oil.

Reduced activity of sebaceous glandsUndetected
Elimination of greasy glitter and dandruff
Cooling effect
The pleasant smell of mint
a handy bottle with a lid-dispenser.

Khadi Mauri Amla And Bhringraj Ayurvedic Shampoo

Khadi Mauri Amla And Bhringraj Ayurvedic Shampoo

A shampoo brand heads this category of the rating from Thailand, which has become popular among Indian buyers, thanks to its organic care products. It is designed to restore brittle, dull, damaged hair, which returns them to the natural strength and shine in a short period of time. Moreover, thanks to the hypoallergenic composition, suitable for sensitive skin types, it can be used for daily hair washing.

Natural foaming components act very delicately, with one time able to clean from any pollution. Active action is caused by the properties of the essential oil frangipani, which contains more than 30 valuable substances. In addition to it, the formula includes seaweed, lavender, cucumber, aloe vera, green tea. They activate natural metabolic processes, restore hydro balance.

According to reviews, after use, hair ceases to look lifeless and dull. They are well combed and stacked; the lushness is not formed. The shampoo is well foamed; the packaging is comfortable, the design is cute.

Valuable oil in the compositionUndetected
Rapid recovery
Eliminating the static effect
Antioxidant action
a pleasant natural aroma.

Vaadi Herbals Lemon Shampoo

Vaadi Herbals Lemon Shampoo

In the second place of the rating shampoo of the American brand Avalon Organics with an improved formula and a balanced composition. It contains environmentally friendly components, is not tested on animals, is suitable for vegans, has an international IVF certificate. The product foams well, washes away all the pollution: the remnants of foam and mousse, varnish, fat, dead skin particles, dust. It restores the water-fat balance, eliminates dander, relieves itching and irritation, softens.

The shampoo has a beneficial effect on thin, damaged hair. It strengthens them from the inside out, improves metabolism. As a result, the curls become soft, shiny, do not require daily cleansing, keep fresh and clean look for up to a few days.

The formula includes curly mint and peppermint. It is refreshing and cooling. The tea tree is soothing. The composition is also rich in extracts and oils of tangerine, lime, lemon, babassu, cedar, marigolds, chamomile, bergamot, sage, and other equally valuable plants. The bottle is stylishly decorated, easy to use.

Valuable natural ingredientsUndetected.
Good soapiness
antifungal and decontaminating
Strengthening the inside and improving the appearance
environmental certificate.

Soultree Licorice Hair Repair Shampoo

Soultree Licorice Hair Repair Shampoo

Bronze of the rating goes to shampoo developed by the Russian Institute of Naturotherapy. It is designed for normal or oily hair types, cleans all accumulated pollution, strengthens bulbs, and accelerates hair growth. Natural components contribute to rapid recovery. The curls become strong, begin to shine. Natural detergents gently affect the scalp and hair.

The main active substance is pine live, known for its high healing qualities. It improves circulation, increases saturation with vitamins and trace elements, awakens sleeping bulbs. As a result, hair loss is suspended and stopped with regular use.

Many of those who tried the shampoo were satisfied with its effectiveness. It really helps to cope with the problem of hair loss. And although a long recovery period is required, the effect is maintained afterward, and the unpleasant disease recedes. In addition, all noted a non-intensive pine smell, a convenient bottle with a good dispenser.

The development of a research instituteUndetected
Prevents fallout and enhances growth
Soft cleansing base
Convenient use
natural fragrance.

Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser

Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser

The first place in this category is a natural shampoo Natural Scalp. The soapy base of natural ingredients gently removes all pollution, does not affect the skin’s protective layer, does not irritate, and does not dry. There are no aggressive components that provoke an allergic reaction (except for individual intolerance of products). After using the means, the hair stops getting confused and fluffy, better combed.

Several active substances are responsible for efficiency. Plant complex of ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, camellia, lavender, wormwood, and strawberries strengthens and awakens bulbs, improves metabolic processes, accelerates regeneration, gives curls a natural shine. Jojoba oil softens, makes the hair elastic and obedient, greatly facilitates styling. Hydrolyzed collagen keeps water molecules in cells, thus protecting against dryness and brittleness.

Honey extract saturates useful vitamins, iodine, iron, strengthens local immunity. In addition, menthol forms a cooling effect, relieves itching, retains a comfortable feeling for the whole day. The bottle has a pump dispenser, which greatly facilitates the use of the remedy.

Safe line-upUndetected.
Enhanced plant complex
Active nutrition and recovery
Stimulating hair growth
Stylish design.

Aloe Veda Herbal Conditioning Shampoo

Aloe Veda Herbal Conditioning Shampoo

Next in the ranking is the shampoo of the South Korean brand. The unique formula does not contain any harmful components that can affect the hair and scalp. The tool washes out all the pollution the first time. Possessing a therapeutic effect prevents the appearance of seborrhea having, eliminates the already formed dander, and regulates the production of fat. After application, the hair looks well-groomed, does not require frequent cleaning.

The recipe includes 11 active plant extracts. They enhance each other’s therapeutic effect, resulting in problems being eliminated quickly enough and without medication use.

The product is presented in a bottle with a pomp-dispenser. It is securely fixed, and if necessary, the carriage prevents spilling. The design is exciting, attracts attention. In addition, the respondents noted the minimum consumption, convenient use, non-intensive plant smell. Another advantage was the possibility of using shampoo as a shower gel.

Therapeutic actionUndetected.
normalization of water-fat balance
FRANCE ECOCERT approves the composition;
2 in 1: shampoo and gel
“expensive” packaging design.

Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo

Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo

Completes our ranking is a Canadian-made shampoo containing natural plant and mineral components. It is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic, recommended for use by pregnant women, as it does not affect the body of the mother and the unborn child. In addition, it can be used for allergy sufferers and people with hypersensitivity. The product is well washed, forming a soft foam.

Blooming Belly makes hair docile; they stop getting confused, reducing the static effect. The formula includes panthenol, argan extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein. The product is packed in a comfortable soft tube. The hole gives a dosed amount, which prevents excessive consumption. The cover is tightly fixed, the spontaneous opening is excluded.

According to reviews, shampoo is used by the whole family; it has no contraindications. The cost-effective consumption provides a long time to use one package. The delicate smell does not irritate people even with a compassionate sense of smell, gives the hair freshness for the whole day.

Designed for expectant mothersundetected
Absolutely safe line-up
High detergent properties
Minimum expense
Apple-colored fragrance.

How To Choose A Natural Hair Shampoo

Modern shampoos are often the fruit of a chemist. With these tips, you can easily navigate among a huge number and find a natural remedy.

At the moment, it is difficult for us to imagine hair care procedures without cleansing products. Many people choose shampoo by color, smell, label, or company, but it has nothing to do with its quality. Also, misleading can present in the composition of exotic components. They also can’t guarantee a stunning result. Do not focus on the beautiful packaging of shampoo – this quality is given specifically to increase its attractiveness. Some even think that a good quality shampoo should foam well. But the purity of the hair does not depend on it. First of all, you need to imagine what shampoo is made of.

Recently there is a lot of controversy about the existence of natural shampoos for hair. Almost all modern means for cleaning the head contain chemical compounds. Check it is easy. Just look at the shelf life: if it is 3-5 years, the shampoo contains preservatives.

To distinguish natural shampoo from pseudo-natural, you need to know a few rules.


It would help if you always read the label on the packaging. Namely: expiration date and composition. The shelf life is more than 3 years – the remedy is not natural. The optimal term is 1 year.
The composition should be read from the end. Ingredients are listed on descending. This means that at the very top of the list are substances with maximum concentration. For example, if the natural component stands at the end or after chemical preservatives, its concentration will be about 0.01%.
Each package should have a protective membrane. Without it, no one can guarantee you that the product does not have contact with the air.
The material and color of the package are just as important. It doesn’t have to be plastic with a distinctive smell.
Do not take “universal” and “family” shampoos as well. They should be selected only, taking into account the condition and type of hair.

Shampoo Properties

Most importantly – a natural remedy will not give an abundant and thick foam. The reason for this is the lack of aggressive detergents.
Natural shampoo is most often a light gel rather than a dense, creamy consistency.
The natural product does not have a pronounced color and smell—only light aromas of plant origin or smell of essential oil.
In modern times, the market is represented by a huge amount of shampoos. Focusing on these tips, you can easily choose a natural and safe option of cleanser, which will take care of your hair.