Best Shampoo for Men in India 2023

Which men’s shampoo can be called the best? There is no single answer. Everything is selected individually. If you need to moisturize your hair in winter when it dries – this is one shampoo. If dander is another shampoo, very often cosmetics are advised by media persons or respected people: “This shampoo will make your hair the best in the world!” But still, everyone has their own peculiarities: pH hair, scalp, etc.


10 Best Shampoo for Men in India 2023

Park Avenue Damage Free Hair Beer Shampoo For Men

Park Avenue Damage Free Hair Beer Shampoo For Men

Cheap shampoo Kaposi opens our rating. Tagging Professional makes it hoped that the remedy is effective and good. Indeed, it is suitable for deep cleaning – the composition has strong PAS (lauryl sulfate) amplified by the soap base on glucose. The best option for those busy in the workplace and have to fight with their hair’s unpleasant smell/dust.

Remedy in a la cream tube; will not take up much space on the shelf, convenient to squeeze out the leftovers. Volume to choose from – from 200 to 1000 ml, you can choose the right one. Reviews advise using for oily hair. But we recommend not to work too hard. SLS can affect the sebaceous glands, and hello, abortion. Combine care with gentle cleansing to make the scalp healthy. Pros: budget tool;

Deep cleansing Comfortable packaging Tube volume to choose from. Cons: sulfates in the composition;

Not all hair types are suitable.


Dove Men+Care 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Dove Men+Care 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Korean men’s shampoo KeraSys is declared therapeutic. What’s good about the line-up, and how does it work? There is zinc here – it dries and regulates the secretion of sebum. Thyme extract is rich in fruit acids (AHA) – they regenerate skin cells, causing renewal. This combination helps to cope with dandruff. However, there are enough aggressive PAWs: here and sulfates, and parabens, and dimethicone. We recommend having a grooming balm on hand.

The manufacturer offers the volume of the bottle to choose from (500/550ml). You can buy a dispenser. It is more convenient to use and squeeze the right amount of shampoo. Reviews unequivocally praise the smell and effect of silky hair. But with the scalp may be difficult: the fat type is enhanced even more. Choose a remedy by your hair type! Pros: low price;

treatment of dandruff, elimination of itching; The volume of the bottle to choose from. You can buy a dispenser separately. It’s a nice fragrance. Cons: a lot of “chemistry” in the line-up;

dries the skin, does not fit the oily type of hair.


Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Men

Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Men

The good news is that there are no aggressive sulfates in this Kleona shampoo! In practice, this means that you “do not wash” the head, sebaceous glands will act as usual, and the gap between washing 3-4 days without problems. The soft soap base from coconut oil and glucosides washes out the dirt. And herbal extracts nourish the scalp (nettle, ninety, handrail, honeysuckle). In addition, there is allantoin – it promotes cell regeneration. Careful with allergies, the component can cause burning.

250 ml will last for a while, but if you buy a dispenser will stretch the expense. There will be no “cap” foam and enough 1-2 drops for washing. Be prepared for that. The herbal smell seems specific, but the main result is clean and well-groomed hair for a long time. Pros: there is no aggressive “chemistry” in the line-up;

Soft cleansing and comprehensive care; You can buy a dispenser separately. Economical expense. Cons: small volume.


Quia Men Keratin Shampoo with Ginger and Biotin

Quia Men Keratin Shampoo with Ginger and Biotin

Boys Toys shampoo immediately declares acidity: pH 5.5 means that the product is suitable for a normal skin and hair type. In addition, the composition has a care panthenol and regenerative keratin. If you resort to dyeing, this shampoo will help to restore hair. Shea oil (carte) nourishes the scalp at a deep level. There are strong PAOs, but at the end of the list: this means a minimum percentage in the composition while maintaining a high washing ability.

The manufacturer offers to start with 250 ml and, if you like, continue 400 ml. You can choose a bottle with a dispenser so that the expense will be more

economical. The essential oil in the composition of the shampoo delicious smell; adds a touch of freshness to the perfume composition. Pros: recovery and care;

Suitable for dyed hair; You can choose the volume of the bottle. There is a dispenser; fragrant. Cons: It may not suit the oily type of hair.


Spruce Shave Club Natural Red Onion Shampoo For Men

Spruce Shave Club Natural Red Onion Shampoo For Men

Do you want your hair to grow faster and your dander doesn’t appear? To your attention, men’s shampoo from Reuzel. It combines mint extract with nettles, rosemary, and hazelnuts. This composition provides blood flow to hair bulbs, providing growth. And no scalp injury, care! There may be a pleasant chill – this composition is optimal in hot summers.

Volume to choose from the buyer – from 100 to 1000 ml. By the way, the version of a liter bottle will suit a professional salon with high attendance and appropriate

consumption. The shampoo smells very tasty, is consumed 1-2 drops for one wash, and does not cause disgust. Thanks to the original packaging will be a gift to your beloved man! Pros: a lot of natural ingredients in the composition;

Accelerating growth, fighting dandruff; A nice chill will please in the summer; there is a “test” volume of 100 ml; Suitable for salon; Bottle with the original design as an option for a gift. Cons: there are sulfates;

possible individual reaction to mint.


The Man Company Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men

The Man Company Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men

The composition of the male shampoo Redken pleasantly pleases: salicylic acid solves problems with sebum, proteins strengthen the skin, and glycerin retains moisture. Optimal for most men! The manufacturer allows daily use, but if there are sulfates, we will not take risks. If you do, don’t forget about the grooming balm.

The bottle resembles a container for alcohol so that it will be a funny gift to a man. You can choose the volume – 300 or 1000 ml, depending on whether you have tried the product before or not. Suitable for use in a professional salon. The reviews especially rejoice unobtrusive perfume outlet and talk about the noticeable softness of hair after washing. Pros: quality composition;

Suitable for daily washing; The volume of the bottle to choose from Thanks to the originality of the packaging will be a gift for a man; unobtrusive smell. Cons: there are sulfates.


TIGI Bed Head For Men Clean Up Daily Shampoo

TIGI Bed Head For Men Clean Up Daily Shampoo

If you like fruit smells and typically buy “female” bottles you do not want – this option for you! Effetto shampoo labeled “grapefruit” will leave a pleasant aroma after washing. And most importantly, a feeling of cleanliness and softness of hair. Here the soap base is without sulfates, and silkiness is responsible for the oils of the reptile and flax. D-panthenol heals wounds if they are.

Bottles of 200 ml may seem small. But remember, such shampoos are used sparingly; Enough 1-2 drops for careful washing. Do not wait for the foam cap. It is a lot of cheap means with “chemistry” in the composition. The dispenser will help to squeeze out the desired volume. Buyers note the real restoration of the scalp; sores disappear, hair becomes noticeably larger. And they are easier to comb! Pros: no sulfates in the line-up;

soft soap base and oils heal the scalp, make the hair silky; Economic expense, dispenser in the kit; fragrant. Cons: small volume.


Man Arden Activated Charcoal Shampoo With Argan Oil

Man Arden Activated Charcoal Shampoo With Argan Oil

The legendary men’s shampoo in our collection! American Crew is prized by many for its excellent composition – herbal extracts complement glycerin, which provides nutrition and hydration. The manufacturer promises UV protection, which is useful in the summer (prevents dry hair and burnout in the sun). The addition of menthol is pleasantly refreshing. Finally, there are no parabens that form a film and harm the skin. The shampoo is suitable for daily use.

The volume of the bottle is varied – from 100 to 1000ml. Reviews delight with the feeling of softness of hair and clean scalp up to 3 days. A pleasant perfume outlet does not interrupt the smell of other care products. Pros: good cleansing, nutrition, and hydration;

Pleasant menthol chill; SPF filters; Suitable for all hair types; You can wash your head every day. The volume of the bottle to choose from Economic expense fragrant. Cons: sulfates in the composition;

there may be an individual reaction to menthol.


Arata Zero Chemical Shampoo

The Reconstruct Protein Shampoo from Lock Stock and Barrel is suitable for anti-age care. It has what it takes to thin your hair over the years: keratin, vitamin B5 supplement, proteins. Such a powerful composition nourishes the scalp at a deep level, strengthens existing hair, and triggers the growth of new ones. Another bonus of panthenol – heals wounds. There are no parabens in the composition, so there will be no sense of stickiness and damage to the hair.

You can start with 250 ml; Professional salons recommend the volume of the bottle 1000 ml. Reviews show the real effect of shampoo and giving volume to thin hair. The smell is pleasant, with a thin “milk” perfume (the presence of proteins is affected). If used correctly (1-2 drops), you get an economical expense. Pros: strengthening thin hair, healing the scalp;

Suitable for anti-age care; Recommended for professional barbers; The volume of the bottle to choose from the unobtrusive smell. Cons: sulfates in the composition;

High price.


TRESemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo

Kerastase shampoo doesn’t just cleanse your skin and hair of dirt. Thanks to the rich composition (glycerin, B vitamins), it prevents brittleness and hair loss. It also promotes growth – so it’s optimal for anti-age care. There is SLS in the line-up, so we would recommend combining it with other care products.

An opportunity to “try” a small volume – with a greasy type can be difficult, so start with 250 ml. 1000 ml suitable for those who liked the

shampoo; and for professional salons. Packaging with a lid is not convenient for everyone. It will have to get used to. But with proper use, you will get the main thing: voluminous, healthy hair and long-term consumption! Pros: nutrition of the scalp, strengthening and hair growth;

anti-age care; The volume of the bottle to choose from Suitable for use in a barbershop. Cons: parabens and sulfates in the composition;

High price.


How to wash your head properly.

First, wet the whole head completely. Water reacts with shampoo and turns out the same “cap” of foam that removes dirt.

Second, squeeze out the right amount of shampoo. The budget will take a third of the palm, premium – enough 1-2 drops. Rub in the palms, whisk to the state of foam on the head. Carefully walk through all the areas, starting with the top of the top. At the same time, make massaging movements – it better will clean the sebum and develop blood flow to the hair bulbs. Especially relevant in hair loss! Do not forget the area behind the ears (for some reason, it is not always remembered), whiskey, and forehead – here, the glands are the most active: no gnarling movements, just pads of fingers and palms.

Third, do not save time – washing should take at least 3-5 minutes. So you get rid of the dirt completely, and the skin will get a nice massage.


Otherwise, the epidermis suffers from extreme temperature. The glands begin to produce a protective barrier actively. The result was dander and greasy hair the next day. You can complete the washing procedure with cool water – it “glues” the hair’s scales, preventing brittleness.


How to choose a men’s shampoo for hair

  • By the type of skin and hair.¬†Fatty scalp necessary drying components; dander, on the contrary, “calms down” with vitamins and a complex of oils. All individually. Is it difficult to determine your type? Go to your hairdresser or intelligent stylist.
  • There is a dispute. Strong PAUs like SLS or SLES can “wash” pollution like car fire or coal dust. But this effect disrupts the hydrolipid balance. Simply put, natural skin protection. That’s why we recommend choosing sulfate-free products.
  • For the price.¬†Here, everyone chooses for themselves, use a suite or go to a nearby market for shampoo. But it is worth understanding, saving on the cost, you save on health. Cheap means are full of “chemistry.” In addition, luxury funds are less spent: 1 drop is enough to wash your head.



What kind of shampoo would you call the best masculine? What should be in the composition?

– There is no definite answer here because everyone is individual. My main recommendation is to try. Don’t dwell on one thing. There are mass-market like Pantene Pro-V, special Barber shampoos Reuzel, Boys Toys, we have shampoo Borodach – by the way, it is without sulfates and silicones. This is generally a separate topic: whether these substances should be in the means for washing the head, or it is already some last century because they are “super dangerous” for hair. I’ll put it this way: it’s better if you have shampoo without these ingredients. Here the manufacturer is more attentive to the characteristics. Because if a person looks at the composition, he knows exactly what he wants to find. But to say, “If I buy shampoo without sulfates and silicones, it will turn my hair into silk” – it will not work. More precisely, the effect will be, but you need to look individually.

Again, it is essential to look at the composition of shampoo. If a man starts doing that, it’s perfect. But if you do not do it, and the hair simultaneously looks great and feels good – then the care is right. Although “without trying – you won’t know,” as they say. Indian men are very conservative to face and hand creams, shampoos, beard serums. There is an opinion that if you deal with this issue closely, you question your masculinity. Very wrong. Care helps to keep your youth and appearance for a long time.


Is there a division into “male” and “female” shampoos, in your opinion?

– Absolutely, because there is a difference in the hair structure between men and women. But this is not a fundamental difference. That is, to use a man “female” shampoo and a woman “male” (as well as styling means), no one forbids. If you like color/consistency/smell, and cosmetics are suitable – why not? Much more important is another division: hair type, staining, etc. I would also recommend “not to steal” from a beloved woman her expensive shampoo – no one needs these disorders. Like care? Buy one for yourself!


Advice on how to choose the right shampoo for a man.

A straightforward recommendation: if you are dissatisfied with your care (dander, rapid contamination with oily type, and shampoo can not cope), it should be changed. Alas, boys do not share their experience with other boys and very vain. Change the tool every 2 weeks until you find “your ideal.” It can be expensive shampoos or mass-market, but at least tar soap! Watch the condition of the hair.

  • The first couple of days on the head can be an “atomic explosion”: a sudden reaction, strange sensations. Be patient, and then conclude.
  • If after 2-3 washes have changed for the better, use further and wait.
  • Unfortunately, there is no single rule, all individually. Someone needs time; someone’s hair looks perfect at once.
  • Avoid universal means! Many simplify care, my shampoo myself, dog and car, roughly speaking. This doesn’t seem right because such tools are too leached. They wash away the sebum from everything, including the head. And if there is a skin tender, you can get in the end giant complications up to the disease.
  • Separately about “people’s means” – tips on the Internet a lot, what only is rubbing the head with garlic /fish oil/toothpaste and so on. Avoid this if you want really healthy and beautiful hair.