Best Shampoo for Kids in India 2023

The best baby shampoo is the one after which the hair is soft and easy to comb. And most importantly, the child does not cry when washing! Top 10 funds from Komsomolskaya Pravda and hairdresser’s tips will help when choosing.

It’s hard to tell which of the hundreds of products is best for your child. Manufacturers pay special attention to children’s care, improving cosmetics day by day. And all the kids are different; that came up to one, might not like the other. But with the collection of Komsomolskaya Pravda, at least there will be fewer problems in the choice. We offer 10 hypoallergenic, safe shampoos!


10 Best Shampoo for Kids in India 2023

Himalaya Baby Shampoo

Himalaya Baby Shampoo

Can baby shampoo be inexpensive? Yes, if it’s a Nevsky cosmetics product. We are already used to the fact that children have to spend a lot – but here is a pleasant surprise. The composition has an extract of chamomile – it has an anti-inflammatory and drying effect. Suitable for children from birth.

The product is in a compact bottle. The lid is tightly

closed. Despite the manufacturer’s assurances in a soft soap base, there is an aggressive PAW. Therefore, we recommend alternating with mild organic care, especially in the case of allergies. Customers praise the shampoo for the budget price and delicious smell. According to the reviews, it does not pinch the eyes. Pros: budget price;

Suitable from birth; Chamomile extract in the composition with antiseptic effect; Wash well. Airtight cover. Cons: there are sulfates.


Sebamed Children’s Shampoo

Sebamed Children’s Shampoo

The cotton extract has many functions: it cleanses, disinfects the skin, supports metabolic processes at a deep level. In this shampoo from Johnson’s Baby, it is enough. Therefore, dermatologists often recommend a remedy for sensitive skin. It is better to take in a pair with milk for maximum effect immediately – even the scalp needs nourishment after washing. The soft soap base does not pinch the eyes. But because of this, there will be no foam.

The product is in a bottle with an airtight

lid. Alas, the packaging is imperfect – the rounded shape can jump out of wet hands, be prepared for it. In reviews, the product is praised for the softness of hair after washing, although they warn about a specific smell (“grandmother’s perfume”) – not everyone normally perceives cotton extract. In general, shampoo acts as a wash and moisturizes the scalp normally. Pros: a caring extract of cotton in the composition;

No sulfates; The soft soap base washes away the pollution and gives the hair silkiness; airtight cover. Cons: specific smell.


Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo

Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo

Glycerin, panthenol, chamomile extract, and wheat proteins – a beneficial “cocktail” for hair. German shampoo Bubchen is optimal for dry scalp. Eliminates “milk crusts,” strengthens growing hair, and stimulates the emergence of new ones. Suitable for children from birth.

The product is in a bottle with an airtight

lid. Very convenient packaging – falls in hand easily, does not fall out when washing. The manufacturer offers a volume to choose from 200 or 400 ml at will. Customers praise the shampoo for not pinching the eyes and the hair after it is silky. Even adults can be used as prescribed by a doctor! Pros: many useful components;

strengthens the scalp, stimulates the appearance of new hair; Suitable from birth and even adults (on the recommendation of a doctor); airtight cover; ergonomic packaging, volume to choose from. Cons: not everyone likes the “milk” perfume.


 Johnson’s Baby Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo

 Johnson’s Baby Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo

Organic care does not contain SLS – which means it is good for a child. This is how cosmetics manufacturers Think about Natura Siberica, and we recommend the product for high ecology. As a detergent, here is a derivative of coconut oil (coco glucoside). Aloe Vera extract moisturizes the scalp and makes the hair elastic. Licorice extract is “responsible” for silkiness. The product is suitable for children from birth. Hypoallergenic.

Shampoo with a universal lid 2v1: you can unscrew, you can

snap. Because there are no sulfates, don’t wait for the foam caps on your child’s head. Reviews write about light, clean and fluffy hair after washing. A pleasant herbal smell will remain throughout the day. Pros: a lot of natural ingredients in the composition;

Makes hair smooth, clean for a long time; Suitable from birth, hypoallergenic composition; doesn’t pinch your eyes. The universal cover the pleasant smell of herbs. Cons: there will be no foam caps – there may be overspending.


Biotique Disney Princess Shampoo

Biotique Disney Princess Shampoo

The good old Nivea is remembered for advertising from childhood – we were offered to smear cream to look like those pink-cheeked children. As time goes by, production technologies change. The Nivea care line has expanded, now they offer numerous children’s shampoos. What about the line-up? Chamomile extract and glycerin have a beneficial effect on the scalp. The first decontaminations, the second keeps moisture at a deep level. Alas, we found in the composition of SMEs – this is one of the aggressive PAWs, which is the best allergy to avoid. Optimal for children after 3 years.

The product is in a classic Nivea

bottle. For convenience, there is a dispenser – with one hand, wet your hair, the other squeeze shampoo. The smell inherent in all Nivea cosmetics is soft, with hints of plants (romance). Pros: carefully washes his head;

moisturizes and disinfects the skin; It smells nice. Shampoo in a convenient package with a dispenser. Cons: not suitable for children from birth (aggressive PAS).


Chicco Baby Moments No-tears Shampoo

Chicco Baby Moments No-tears Shampoo

This shampoo is recommended to use from the age of 3. It’s all about the composition: sulfates and parabens are necessary for a good skin cleansing. At a more tender age, they do not need. But the head of the teenager washed qualitatively. Panthenol relieves irritation if it is. And the hyaluron in the composition perfectly moisturizes. Ensure that the shampoo does not get into the eyes – otherwise, it is possible to ting an unpleasant reaction.

The product is in a compact, stylish bottle with an airtight

lid. Many hairdressers advise it with matted, dry hair (this is rare but happens in children). After a month of application, you will notice the silkiness; and most importantly, the child will no longer cry while combing! Pros: cleans the scalp well;

Makes hair smooth and elastic; relieves superficial skin irritations; airtight cover; pleasant perfume. Cons: sulfates in the composition.


The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Shampoo

The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Shampoo

French shampoo Klorane is attributed to pharmacy cosmetics; it is more of a care product than a cure in practice. But to remove irritation helps – due to the extract of marigold and zinc in the composition. Suitable for children from birth (as a detergent of coco glucoside) Due to the absence of strong PAVs, there is a soft cleansing – do not wait for the foam caps on the head.

Cream; it is convenient to squeeze out the residues, and the airtight lid prevents leaks. You can use it on the trip. Due to the extract in the composition of a light herbal smell. It does not pinch the eyes; it facilitates combing. We recommend alternating with nutrients to prevent drying. Just for the kids! Pros: no aggressive PAWs in the line-up;

relieves irritation, gently cleanses the scalp; Suitable for babies; Comfortable packaging in the form of a tube with a tight lid; Light herbal smell. Cons: no foam cap because this can be overspending.


 L’Oréal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo

 L’Oréal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo

This is not just shampoo but a universal means for washing the scalp and body! Weleda has released a series for kids who do not like to wash and dream that the procedure will end as quickly as possible. With this remedy, it is possible: a soft soap base (coco glucoside) cleans, and almond oil nourishes at a deep level. Maryland extract has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Shampoo in a la cream tube is very convenient to use – easy to squeeze out the leftovers, and the packaging itself will take up a minimum of space in the bag (if the trip is

planned). Hypoallergenic is suitable for children from birth. The reviews advise pouring into a bottle with a dispenser – so the expense will be even less. There are no aggressive PAWs in the line-up, so don’t expect foam caps. But healthy skin and well-groomed hair will be! Pros: no sulfates and parabens;

Suitable for washing the head and body; hypoallergenic, suitable from birth; doesn’t pinch your eyes. The tube can be taken on the road; the pleasant smell of almonds. Cons: not everyone is satisfied with the price.


Cocomo Natural – Shampoo & Conditioner for Kids

Cocomo Natural – Shampoo & Conditioner for Kids

Do you think your child deserves the best? Take a closer look at Paul Mitchell’s professional series of children’s shampoos. We do not recommend it from birth, but we will need quality care if a teenage child is already interested in coloring. This is where this shampoo is needed. A strong detergent can cope with pollution (especially in hormonal adjustment)—a perfume outlet at the level of “adult” toilet water.

The product is in a bottle with an airtight

lid. Volume is different, from 300 to 1000 ml – the latter is optimal for professional salons. The composition has sulfates, so we recommend to combine with other shampoos. If you’re a teenage child, don’t forget about the moisturizing balm. And let healthy, beautiful hair please you and him! Pros: for teenagers who are interested in “adult” care;

quality scalp cleansing; Pleasant expensive smell; Airtight packaging Volume to choose from Suitable for hair salons. Cons: high price;

sulfates in the composition.


Wow, Skin Science Kids Wash-Shampoo-Conditioner

Wow Skin Science Kids Wash-Shampoo-Conditioner

Another high-quality baby shampoo from the French! Mustela takes care of children’s skin, which is worth only cream from mosquitoes in the summer. Specifically, this remedy helps to relieve irritation (panthenol), dry small sores (romance). Glycerin retains moisture – thanks to its hair elasticity and smoothness. Avocado extract is “responsible” for nutrition. Suitable for children from birth. It does not pinch your eyes while washing.

The product smells very, very tasty, thanks to the addition of caramel – hundreds of moms across the

country appreciate it. In reviews, the product is praised for the lack of flash after washing. SMEs are present, so we recommend alternating with other shampoos. Bottles of 200 ml with a tight lid are enough for a long time. Pros: A lot of useful supplements have a good effect on the scalp;

Thanks to the caramel extract, a delicious smell; While washing the eyes does not pinch. After the procedure, the hair is smooth and shiny; tight lid on the bottle. Cons: there is strong PAS.


Why are children’s shampoos only for children?

From birth to adolescence (10-12 years, when hormonal adjustment begins), the scalp is tender. Sebaceous glands act to a minimum, so there is no excess fat – which should be washed off. Such remedies gently clean the hair from contaminants. That’s all there is to no keratin to strengthen, no collagen for elasticity. It’s just a soft soap base – better hypoallergenic because immunity is just forming. And without aggressive PAW.

Such care is not suitable for an adult because it can not cope with

pollution. The opinion that children’s shampoos are suitable in adulthood is wrong. If there are problems with skin or hair, no soft foundation can cope. It would help if you chose age-appropriate care with a specialist.


How to choose baby hair shampoo

What is important when choosing a baby shampoo

It does not cause tears. 

If the product is too aggressive, the molecules penetrate to a deep level. Hence the tingling and the sharp reaction of the child. You can avoid it if there are no sulfates (SLS/SLES).


It makes it easier to comb. 

Oil complexes and herbal extracts will help here. In general, shampoo is only for the scalp. But to use balm in childhood can be early (sometimes it simply does not have anything to apply, if it is a one-year-old baby). That’s why the supplements will come in handy.


Suitable for a specific problem. 

Skin rashes need special care, and this applies to shampoos. Atopic dermatitis or “milk crusts” require panthenol, chamomile extract, and marigold. It is better to consult a pediatrician at once than then to be treated with special means.


Specialist’s opinion

Svetlana Porollo, the Coiffeur Hairdressing Center in Simferopol, answered the questions of Komsomolskaya Pravda. Our expert recommends choosing only professional shampoos. So it will be possible to avoid skin problems that carry funds from the mass market.

Which shampoo would you call the best baby shampoo? What should be in the squad?

– It should be a shampoo, which, first of all, does not irritate the skin. Second, it protects. I definitely believe that shampoos that are sold in the mass market are not the best. The composition should be moisturizing components that will saturate moisture epidermis and protective components – because the child’s skin is not fully formed.


Is it possible to wash the head with baby shampoo to adults, do you think?

“Absolutely not! We have different pH: a child 7, an adult 3-3.5 (as you can see, solid acidity). Why is this happening? The fact is that children are deprived of sebum, lipids do not work yet (active work begins after “incorporation” of hormones; sebum gland acts stronger, possible abortion in adolescence). Children’s shampoos do not wash the sebum and sweat because the physiology is completely different.


Advice on how to choose the right shampoo for your child.

– There is no definite answer, but I will try. It is important to buy a professional shampoo (in such products uses a completely different chemical type and concentration of sodiums, a lot of moisturizing and protective components). Here I want to advise the best, in my opinion, remedy among professional cosmetics – Estel. Not every brand pays attention to small children. And this manufacturer offers 27 products for toddlers and teenagers! There is a GMP certificate. It confirms “purity” from a chemical point of view. Hypoallergenic, all remedies contain prebiotic (a substance that forms the child’s skin, with moisturizing and protective functions).

The skin in childhood is very tender and

sensitive. There are still a lot of hormonal changes ahead. Therefore, the tasks of children’s cosmetics – additional nutrition and hydration. There should be no irritation of the mucous, so it is worth choosing a natural composition.