How To Choose Shampoo For Dog

When you choose a shampoo for yourself, you consider several factors: color, length, hair condition, manufacturer’s reputation, and so on. High-quality shampoo for dogs should be chosen no less carefully because the wrong remedy can, in one session, turn a beautiful fur coat into a “haystack” or provoke allergies.

Importantly! If you think that cheap money helps you save, you are wrong. The worse the shampoo – the more often you have to wash the dog, there is an uneconomical use and inefficiency of the chosen composition.


Classification of shampoos for dogs

  • Caregivers – suitable for frequent use, can be directed to solve cosmetic problems (dermatitis, dandruff, allergies).
  • Special shampoos. Their action is aimed at fighting parasites. For constant use, they are not suitable. It is worth noting that drops or sprays act faster and more efficiently than shampoos.
  • Shade shampoos. They are mainly used to prepare the dog for the exhibition—the means to make the natural color of the wool cover more bright and saturated.


Criteria for choosing a shampoo for dogs

shampoos for dogs

The type of wool.

Naturally, the same remedy does not suit a sheepdog and a poodle because they have a different wool texture. When choosing, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Let’s start with the fact that shampoos are caring and therapeutic. If a dog has skin problems, it is necessary to fight them. For example, plant extracts help fight dandruff, oils, panthenol, and proteins, improving the texture of wool. In addition, if the shampoo contains hydrocortisone or lidocaine, they are anti-allergenic, and tea tree and aloe vera are excellent antiseptics.


The line-up.

The more perfumes and preservatives, the more dangerous it is for the animal. The best option is a hypoallergenic compound with natural extracts and oils. There are also “shampoos without tears” on sale.


The reputation of the manufacturer.

The brand, which everyone hears, will cost more than the recently appeared fund. But, at the same time, we recommend reading ratings and reviews on forums – they will tell much more than an advertising campaign.


Dry shampoos for dogs

Interesting! Dry shampoo for dogs is a useful invention, but it will not be able to replace the traditional “wash.”

Most often, dry shampoos and sprays are used as an emergency measure: the dog on the road something dirty, is sick and temporarily can not take water procedures, and so on. Constantly clean the wool coat chemical powders can not. It will lead to deterioration of hair and skin. In winter, such a tool is suitable for cleaning a dog’s fur living in an aviary. Powder or liquid should be rubbed into the “coat” of the dog and then comb well.

If the dog is allergic, you can make a similar blend of natural ingredients yourself by mixing starch with oatmeal or wheat flour.