Best Shampoo for Dandruff in India 2023

We will talk about the best shampoos from dandruff, which quickly normalize the balance of the scalp and get rid of flax and itching.

White scales falling from the head to the clothes automatically turn the most flawless appearance into a sloppy one. This pattern is quite common: about 30 % of people periodically have problems caused by dandruff in the world. This is the name given to a syndrome in which the scalpel particles peel off and fall off too quickly for quite a long time. The phenomenon is not only cosmetic but also medical in nature.


What Are The Causes Of Dandruff And How To Get Rid of Dandruff?

Signs Of Dandruff 

Signs Of Dandruff 

Dandruff can easily be seen with the naked eye. These white scales appear in large numbers on the hair and fall off on the shoulders. They are most noticeable on dark hair and clothing; the owners of light hair were lucky in this case a little more because, on a light background, they are not so distinguishable. In addition to flaking scales, people may complain of the following symptoms:

  • itchy scalp;
  • redness;
  • dry skin.

There is an opinion that men suffer from this problem more often than women, but this is not the case. It is equally relevant for both sexes. Just representatives of the strong half of humanity usually have short haircuts, on which white particles are more noticeable. Ladies often manage to hide the defect under a voluminous styling.

The following features are noted:

  • in children, this phenomenon occurs extremely rarely. Troubles, as a rule, begin at a transitional age; in
  • 20-40-year-old men and women, dandruff is equally common;
  • after 50 years, the problem almost disappears.


Causes of Dandruff

Causes of Dandruff

The scalp’s epidermis should be regularly updated, and normally this happens unnoticed either for the person himself or for others. With dandruff, the exfoliated scales become too much.

  • Most often, the reason for this is the yeast-like fungi Malassezia (Malassezia). They live in the scalp of every person, but with the well-coordinated work of the body, they do not manifest themselves in anything. However, as soon as the glands begin to produce more sebum, they are activated, actively multiply, which causes irritation, itching, and dandruff.
  • Increased work of the sebaceous glands is often provoked by stress. Negative emotions depress the immune system, causing the body to malfunction and produce more fat than fungi. In this case, the scalp is also itchy. And the more a person itches, the more they need for this action increases. The appearance of dandruff can further exacerbate stress, turning into a psychological problem.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract also cause dandruff and poor nutrition, in which the body does not receive enough minerals and trace elements.
  • Dandruff can occur when the scalp is too dry. Such conditions are formed with frequent use of a hairdryer turned on at a high temperature, dry air in the apartment, and cosmetics with a drying effect. In this case, the scales are not very large and abundant.
  • The cause of dandruff can also be an allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of contact dermatitis, accompanied by severe itching. Such a reaction happens to cosmetics, fragrances, materials from which hats, hair ornaments, hair styling devices are made.
  • Unpleasant symptoms also appear with insufficient hygiene of the head. People still believe that it is impossible to wash it too often. This approach is relevant only for dry hair, while oily hair needs this procedure more since fat is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. At the same time, there is no clear answer to how many times a week you need to wash your hair. It all depends on the type of skin, hair, and styling products used. In any case, you do not need to wait for the hair to stick together. They should be cleaned with a traditional liquid shampoo of good quality and not dry aerosol. The latter serves as an ambulance when the hairstyle should be urgently placed before some unexpected event since it can provoke dandruff.



Often the cause of dandruff is seborrhea – a skin disease in which the glands that produce sebum to soften and moisturize the skin are disrupted, and they suddenly begin to produce too much or not enough of this substance. There are several types of seborrhea:

  • Bold. Fat is produced too much, so the skin and hair become untidy very quickly. Such seborrhea is thick when the scales of the epidermis are mixed with fat and turn into a crust (dandruff, in this case, is greasy and falls off in large pieces), and liquid, with lighter particles, without the formation of crusts.
  • Dry, when the glands produce too little sebum. In this case, too, there is dandruff, but smaller.
  • Combined, when both types of seborrhea are observed on different areas of the skin.


  • thickening of the epidermis and hair at the roots;
  • the characteristic shine of the skin and hair (in case of the oily form);
  • plentiful peeling (when dry);
  • itchy scalp;
  • hair loss;
  • severe dandruff.

Most often, the cause of the disease lies in hormonal changes occurring in the body. In adolescence, it occurs quite often and passes by itself after the end of puberty. In adulthood, seborrhea in men and women can occur due to an imbalance of androgens and estrogens. This is due to both heredity and pathologies of the sexual sphere.

Seborrhea can occur due to Parkinson’s and Itsenko-Cushing’s disease, several mental illnesses, long-term use of testosterone, progesterone. The fatty form contributes to the activation of the yeast-like Malassezia fungi, which further aggravates the situation.

Similar symptoms are characteristic of seborrheic dermatitis, but an inflammatory skin disease causes it and not malfunctions in the sebaceous glands.


How to Treat Dandruff

To determine the causes of dandruff and its treatment, you should consult a trichologist who eliminates hair problems. For the examination, a special device is used, with the help of which an enlarged image of the scalp appears on the monitor. After the initial examination, the doctor may additionally prescribe a consultation with an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, allergist, and even a psychotherapist, since dandruff can be a symptom of various diseases, including quite serious ones.

When should I see a doctor? If there is thick dandruff, severe itching, and the hair quickly becomes greasy, it is better not to postpone a visit to the doctor. But if the signs are insignificant, you can try to use shampoo against dandruff. However, most often, funds from the mass market only wash off the scales, but the cause of their appearance is not eliminated. Therefore, it is better to resort to pharmacy formulations.

For the treatment of dandruff, the following drugs are used:

  • antifungal agents;
  • reducing peeling and restoring the normal condition of the skin;
  • promoting the formation of new cells of the epidermis;
  • soothing, relieving itching and irritation.


Traditional medicine products

If dandruff is not abundant and does not bother a person much, you can try to get rid of it with traditional medicine. In her arsenal, there are many very effective recipes. But in advanced cases, especially when the scalp suddenly became dry or too oily, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will prescribe effective drugs. You can supplement them with folk remedies for dandruff.


A good result is given by a mask made of flattened oat flakes (which require cooking). To prepare it, you will also need a herb of oregano, chamomile, nettle, or calendula, which you need to pour steep boiling water and insist on for 15 minutes. The prepared infusion is poured into the flakes and wait for the mass to acquire a thick, homogeneous consistency. The mask should be kept on the scalp for two hours. Its use for a month relieves itching, dandruff and also significantly improves the condition of the hair.

A mask made of fermented milk products also gives a good effect. You need to mix half a cup of 2% natural yogurt or kefir, chicken yolk, and 6 drops of vegetable oil (preferably burdock or coconut), apply the mixture to your hair, cover with a plastic cap towel and stand for 2 hours.

Cosmetologists also recommend making a mask from onion juice. It not only eliminates dandruff but also strengthens and nourishes the hair. To prepare it, you need only 5 tablespoons of onion juice and 8 tablespoons of burdock oil. You need to keep it for 1 hour. You can take a whole onion, chop it to a mushy state and add 1 tablespoon of honey. The mixture is heated in a water bath, applied to the hair, and kept for 15 minutes. Onion masks are very effective, but they have one drawback – a strong specific smell.



In addition to masks, you can use infusions and decoctions of herbs. For hair and scalp, nettle is useful. You need to take 200 grams of crushed leaves, pour them with 1 liter of water, boil over medium heat, insist for several hours, and strain. It is recommended to rinse your head with this decoction after each wash.

Well relieves itching and eliminates peeling of the skin decoction from the roots of the calamus. To prepare it, take 5 spoons of the finely chopped root, pour hot water, soak for half an hour in a water bath and infuse for about an hour. After straining, an effective remedy is obtained. Similarly, you can prepare an infusion of burdock and oak bark.

With dry dandruff and itchy skin, an infusion of chamomile and linden helps. A few tablespoons of these herbs are poured with a liter of hot water and infused for half an hour. Filter and get an infusion that you can rinse your head after washing. You can also prepare an infusion of calendula and oregano or mint and carrot tops.


What shampoo to buy from dandruff

Dander is one of the symptoms of seborrhea dermatitis, detached particles of dead skin. The most common causes of this disease are an improper operation of sebaceous glands, Malassezia fungus, aggressive procedures, and improper care.

Today, the following anti-drug cleansers are on sale:

  • Fatty shampoos from fatty seborrhea are dermatological products designed to care for excessively oily scalp. In oily seborrhea, hair looks untidy after a few hours after washing. The problem of falling out due to the hair bulbs that are clogged with sebum is also relevant. A quality shampoo will relieve all these symptoms and return the hair to a well-groomed look.
  • Dry seborage shampoos are pharmacies with soothing, antifungal, normalizing, and moisturizing effects to care for the damaged and dehydrated scalp. Dry dander is manifested both due to fungal infection and psoriasis or after ineptly performed beauty procedures for hair. It is manifested by fine dandruff, burning and itching, brittleness, dry hair, and nervous disorders.
  • Shampoos for the prevention of dandruff – a huge range of professional, organic, and mass products, in the variety of which there is an option for any type of hair. Alternate such shampoos with dermatological means or use after the course of pharmacy cosmetics.

The active components of the compositions of the super-regulating agents are ketoconazole, zinc, decal, salicylic acid, menopause, vitamins B, and phytotract, which require time to be effective.

Do not wash off the dandruff shampoo immediately after foaming, and soak 2-3 minutes on the scalp to achieve therapeutic action.


10 Best Shampoo for Dandruff in India 2023

Shampoos from oily seborrhea have an intense cleansing, antifungal, and Sebo-regulating effect, which eventually normalizes the condition of the scalp, and hair looks neater.

Sometimes fatty dander is a symptom of nervous and endocrine disorders. In such cases, joint use of drugs to solve the root cause of the disease is mandatory.

The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Transparent shampoo based on SLES qualitatively cleans but does not dry the scalp. The tool includes curation, salicylic acid, and palm extract, which relieve itching, regulate sebum production, and quickly exfoliate dead skin particles.

The thick texture with the aroma of lemonade is perfectly foaming, which causes economic consumption of the product.

Ducray Squanorm does not dry or confuse the length, unlike many shampoos for oily scalp.

Customers assure that after one application of this tool, the problems of itching disappear, and after a few – the dander and excessive fatness of the scalp disappear.


  • It doesn’t confuse the hair;
  • Relieves itching;
  • Eliminates spots on the scalp;
  • Sebo-regulating action;
  • Economical.


  • High price (about 900 rubles).

Ducray Squanorm oily dandruff shampoo is recommended for Riseborough dermatitis for people suffering from increased scalp fat and dry hair.


WOW Skin Science Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

WOW Skin Science Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The thermal novelty from Uriage has an intense anti-adorable effect. The product soothes the irritated scalp thanks to hibiscus flower extract and the TLR2-Regu complex in the composition.

A mix of Alamin pyricton, zinc, and phytosphingosine solves the problems of rapid contamination of roots, fatty seborrhea, and present inflammations.

The transparent, thick texture is perfectly foaming but does not dry the epidermis and strands, making the remedy suitable for all hair types. Apply the product twice a week for 21 days, alternating it with shampoos based on soft PAV.


  • Universal;
  • Economical;
  • It does not dry the skin and hair;
  • Eliminates itching and corrosion;
  • Hypoallergenic formula.


  • The high cost (about 1000 rubles per 200 ml).

Uriage’s anti-adorable novelty is ideal for caring for any type of hair that combines with an unbalanced scalp.


Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Therapeutic shampoo from the Finnish brand Sim Sensitive will get rid of dandruff in just a few applications.

The product is designed to care for oily scalp, and thanks to the fat-free formula, it solves the problem of rapid hair pollution after the first procedure.

The tool includes salicylic acid, simbazole, rosemary, and menthol extracts. They eliminate dander, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, soothe and return a healthy look to the scalp.

Therapeutic Climbazole is one of the best shampoos in the fight against borage and fat, extending the purity of hair to 3 days. Alas, it can dry the length.


  • Good line-up;
  • Reduces skin fat from the first application;
  • It gets rid of dandruff;
  • Soothing effect;
  • It gives volume to hair;
  • Presented in various volumes (215 and 500 ml).


  • Dry hair with regular use.

Sim Sensitive dandruff shampoo is recommended for people with fatty seborrhea having who want to forget about daily hair washing.


The best dermatological shampoos from dry dandruff

Dry borage is always combined with dehydrated scalp and brittle, thinned hair. Effective dandruff shampoo for such problems always has a soft cleansing base, moisturizing and soothing components that restore the epidermis and dry the strands.

L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Transparent gel, enriched with pyridone olamine, panthenol, and vitamin E, pleases the economy and efficiency in the fight against dry dandruff. The highly concentrated product is first churned in the palms and then distributed on the scalp.

The shampoo has an antifungal, bacteriosis, calming, protective, and healing effect, relieving the tightening, inflammation, itching, and dry seborrhea after several applications. Seskavel Dandruff Control improves the epidermis, improves the quality of dry and damaged hair.


  • Concentrated formula;
  • Neutral fragrance;
  • Restores the balance of the dry scalp;
  • It gets rid of dry abortion;
  • Moisturizes the length;
  • Prevents recurrence of dry abortion.


  • High price (2300 rubles per 200 ml).

Sesderma anti-op shampoo will be appreciated by owners of the dehydrated scalp and people who have psoriasis.


Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Relax shampoo from the brand Orising will restore damaged scalp, get rid of flax and itching. The formula contains phytosterols, flavonoids, and Asian Centella extract.

All these components normalize the hydrolipid balance of the epidermis, remove burning and tightening, and give a refreshing effect.

The soft detergent forms a small amount of foam, which delicately cleanses the skin and hair without drying.

The product improves the blood supply to the hair bulbs, preventing loss and improving hair growth and quality.


  • Careful cleansing;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Removes the peeling of the scalp;
  • Restores the sebaceous glands;
  • Soothing action.


  • Ineffective in seborrhoea, provoked by fungus.

Soothing shampoo from dry seborrhea from Orising will eliminate severe glaciation and dry scalp, provoked by burns, aggressive staining, and hormonal disorders.


Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Ph5.5

Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Ph5.5

Soft cream shampoo with a delicate perfumed fragrance will eliminate dander and soften dry hair.

Salicylic acid and selenium in their composition have a careful exfoliating, antifungal, and balancing effect. Ceramides and vitamin E compact, nourish, and moisturize thinned curls.

Because of the small concentration of SLES, the product forms a soft foam suitable for cleaning the damaged length and structure.

Reviews of Vichy Anti-Dandruff for dry hair are controversial, but most buyers note its careful cleansing properties and effectiveness in combating dandruff.


  • Creamy texture;
  • Soft foam that does not overpower the skin and hair;
  • Relieves dandruff in 1 week;
  • Takes care of the long;
  • Soothing effect on the skin;
  • Presented in various volumes (200 and 390 ml).


  • There may be aggravation of seborrhea due to dermatitis.

Vichy shampoo is recommended to fight against dandruff, provoked by the Malassezia fungus with dry scalp and dry, lightened, or damaged hair.


VLCC Dandruff Control Hair Defense Shampoo

VLCC Dandruff Control Hair Defense Shampoo

Shampoo with active composition will be a worthy competition cleansing product of pharmacy brands. The product formula includes simbazole, zinc, niacinamide, green tea, cucumber, kiwi, and sunflower oil, effectively combatting oily dandruff.

The product exfoliates the dead layer of skin, regulates the production of sebum, softens, soothes, decontaminates the scalp, gives volume to the hairstyle, and moisturizes hair.

“Daily Detox” does not contain silicones, so it does not exactly provoke excessive fat and weighting of thin and devoid of hair volume.


  • Active line-up;
  • Eliminates dander;
  • Reduces the fatness of the scalp;
  • It gives volume to hair;
  • It does not dry out the length;
  • Affordable price (about 250 rubles per 200 ml).


  • Can dry the tips.

Clear Vita Abe Scalpfoods from oily dandruff is an ideal treatment for abortion and careful scalp cleansing, which will be appreciated by people who prefer to wash their hair daily.


Khadi Mauri Herbal Neem Shampoo

Khadi Mauri Herbal Neem Shampoo

Dandruff shampoo is suitable for the daily care of irritated and unbalanced scalp with weakened hair. Thick creamy texture with a sweet aroma perfectly foams, washing away all the pollution and confusing the tips.

Active components of the composition are pyricton olamine and argan oil, which regulate the production of sebum, exfoliate the dead layer of the epidermis, soothe irritations, and have a nutritious, mitigating, and smoothing effect.

This shampoo effectively prevents the appearance of dandruff and provides comprehensive care for the problem scalp and hair.


  • Pleasant cream consistency;
  • Delicate cleansing;
  • Effective in the prevention of dandruff;
  • It does not dry, damaged hair;
  • Price 330 rubles per 400 ml;
  • Presented in various volumes (200, 400, 600, and 900 ml).


  • Ineffective in the fight against strong dandruff.

“Damage protection” is recommended for people suffering from dry dandruff. The shampoo is suitable for alternating with dermatological means.


Re’equil Dandruff Control Shampoo

Re’equil Dandruff Control Shampoo

An updated version of the popular shampoo from Yves Rocher is suitable for the care of the sensitive scalp, prone to the appearance of dandruff. The product has a transparent thick consistency and a bright, fruity aroma that remains on the hair.

The remedy is pomegranate extract and agave, which have a detoxifying, exfoliating, and antifungal effect.

Anti-op shampoo from Yves Roche will be appreciated by owners of any type of scalp for soft but high-quality cleansing and lightness and shine of hair without the effect of dryness.


  • Universal;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Soothes the scalp;
  • It gives lightness and volume along the entire length;
  • Regulates the production of sebum.


  • Effective only as prevention.

Yves Rocher shampoo is an ideal option for hair care oily at the roots and dry at the tips if you periodically have small dander.


Dove Dandruff Clean & Fresh Shampoo

Dove Dandruff Clean & Fresh Shampoo

Cleansing jelly with neutral pH is the best sedative for irritated and unbalanced scalp with oily or dry abortion.

The herbal flavor contains vitamins, dandelion extract, selenium, and essential oils of sage, lavender, and myrrh. Such a cocktail normalizes the sebum production, gently exfoliates the dead epidermis, eliminates inflammation, itching, and burning.

Davines dandruff shampoo does not confuse the hair, giving them more elasticity, softness, and smoothness. According to reviews, the product eliminates the neglected seborrhea in just 3 applications, normalizing dried or excessively oily skin.


  • Active line-up;
  • Universal use;
  • Restores the balance of the scalp;
  • Struggles with discomfort and itching;
  • Fast effect;
  • Improves hair condition.


  • Expensive (2500 rubles for 250 ml).

Davines dandruff shampoo is suitable for regular use for owners of sensitive scalp and dry and damaged hair. We also recommend that you buy it if all the early dandruff remedies tested are ineffective.

The white scales that fall from the head to the clothes automatically turn the most flawless appearance into a sloppy one. This pattern is quite common: about 30 % of people periodically have problems caused by dandruff in the world. This is the name given to the syndrome, in which the particles of the scalp for quite a long time too quickly peel off and fall off. The phenomenon is not only cosmetic but also medical in nature.