What is blender and How to Use It

What a blender for?

What a blender for

We’ve all heard of a friend who has a blender and speaks wonders of her. We’ve also gone to cafes and watched the announcements of delicious natural fruit smoothies, which are also delicious! If you’ve ever wondered what the appliance makes them, it’s the blender.

So let’s see what the blender is for and what its function is.


What is a blender or squeaky-up?

A blender or gamer is a kitchen appliance, which, through a cold spinning or pressing process, extracts the juice from the fruits and vegetables separating it from the solid part. That is, a blender extracts the pulp from the fruit or vegetable leaving only the juice.

Due to its great potency, this appliance is prepared to extract the juice from vegetables that are a priori liquid such as carrots or celery. With the blender, it is possible to prepare delicious juices and smoothies of any type of vegetable or fruit. Taking care of yourself and savouring all the flavour of the fruit has never been easier. There’s no excuse anymore! 

There are several types of blenders, from centrifuge blenders to cold pressing blenders and manuals.


How to use the blender?

How to use the blender

To use the blender or juice extractor (in Spanish-speaking Latin America) we simply have to regulate the potency and add the fruits or vegetables by the cylindrical mouth.


How does the juice extractor work?

The centrifuge will separate the pulp from the liquid, leaving a soft, lump-free juice. (And eye, without adding water already remains completely liquid). The dried pulp of the fruit is separated into a specific compartment of the blender for further cleaning.

A blender allows us to consume fresh food in liquid form, perfect for those who do not like or have a habit of eating vegetables or fruits. This is perfect to make sure we consume all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Also ideal for children.


What can we do with the blender? What’s it for?

Blenders are also related to Detox diets. Their advocates argue that they are perfect anticancer diets, by detoxifying our organism and improving our defences. If you wish, you can see our article “The Benefits of Using blender” to learn about the benefits.


Are they different from blenders?

Note that a blender is different from a glass blender, the first one extracts the juice and delivers it perfectly liquid and without lumps. The second appliance does not separate the pulp-like blenders, but crushes and mixes the fruit delivering a thick juice, more like a puree.

Also, even if it is used to make smoothies and smoothies, it is not uncommon to see people making gazpacho, creams, sauces, etc. in this device.


Are blenders easy to use?

Finally, due to the simplicity of use, normally these appliances can be washed in the dishwasher, being very comfortable to use and wash.

In short, this appliance is a perfect complement to the kitchen. For us essential for ease of use and speed. We will be delighted if we have clarified your doubt of “What the blender is for”.

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Cooking Robots and Blenders and Orange Juicers. Alternatives for Making Juices?

Cooking robots and blenders and orange juicers. Alternatives for making juices

There are different alternatives for making juices and smoothies. The big difference is that these appliances usually crush instead of liquefying to make the smoothies.

Highlights, as discussed above, include blenders or cooking robots(see the best Thermomix type kitchen robots).

In the case of blenders and cooking robots, pulp and juice are crushed and beaten, so nutritional input is usually better, but the texture and taste, depending on the case as in a carrot juice, usually has lumps if we don’t strain it.

If you do not want to perform the crushing process, you can opt for an orange juicer. This one is mainly designed for citrus, so with it, you won’t be able to make carrot smoothies or other vegetables.