Which Perfumes to Choose a Men

Men, for the most part, are not too well versed in perfumes. They are lost in an abundance of fresh, woody, leather, and oriental compositions, leaving the right to choose the fragrance to a friend, sister, or, in a pinch, the seller. With this article, we will try to correct such a depressing state of affairs.


Rules for choosing men’s perfumes

Rules for choosing men's perfumes

Unlike women, who have at least two or five perfumes in their arsenal, men prefer to use a single fragrance. And when it ends, then without hesitation, buy the same or similar. However, do not dwell on any one option; try to spread the horizons. Every year there is a huge number of perfume novelty to pick up the fragrance for any mood or situation. Choosing perfumes is a stimulating activity, but you need to follow a few simple rules we are happy to share.


Rule number one

Throw out of your head all the images inspired by the advertising perfume, recommendations of friends, advice of girlfriends, and fully rely on your taste because each person is different. Men’s perfumes are not as diverse as women’s, but still, they can be distinguished into several groups – citrus, oriental, woody, aquatic, thorn, and fused fragrances. If you are not ready for radical changes, buying a new fragrance from the same group as your favorite perfume is better.


Rule number two

It would help if you chose perfume in the morning when the sense of smell is not overloaded. Meet the flavors first from the blotter (strips of paper, usually on the shelves next to perfume bottles. SpellSmell), and only then, if the smell is liked, can you splash on the wrist. If you wear a watch or bracelet, it is better to apply the perfume on the back of the palm so that the smell is not distorted.


Rule number three 

Each fragrance needs time to open. On average, it may take two or four hours ideally, if a purchase decision is made the next day. To make a basic perfume wardrobe will be enough four fragrances: for work, for the evening, for dates and sports. So which perfume to choose a man?


Perfume to work

Most of the day the man spends at work, so the smell of cologne or toilet water should not irritate others. It is better to wear unobtrusive, muted, and pure aromas with citrus, herbal, ozone, light wood notes. The right perfume will help concentrate on current affairs, successfully negotiate, and leave partners a positive impression about themselves and the company.

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Our recommendations: aromatic Givenchy Gentleman Cologne with citrus and wood chords, rosemary and musk, fresh Christian Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray with bergamot, lavender, pepper, and pine nuances, woody Hugo Boss Hugo Reversed with grapefruit and rosemary, calm Mexx Forever Never Boring For Him.


Perfume for the evening

Fragrances for evening outings differ from everyday more saturated sound, thick strokes of bright notes, deep and long train. Such perfumes have complex compositions with a predominance of oriental wood, tobacco-flower, leather notes, and spices. For the evening, a great option will be a niche perfume.

Our recommendations: the amazing Montale Intense Black Aoud with an unusual pyramid in which juicy tangerine and rose are beautifully framed by earthy patchouli and an oud tree. Still, number one for club parties remains the Oriental Tree Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive with tart notes of tobacco, cinnamon, and sweet beans tonka. Daredevils and brutal men can stop at tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather with notes of made leather, spices, and raspberry jam. Hidden magnetism is Issey Miyake Nuit d Issey Parfum, in which incredibly organically intertwined bitter pepper and grapefruit, sweet vanilla and rough skin, earthy patchouli, and tonka beans.


Bye perfume

Going on a first date, the man also feels a certain excitement and wants to appear in all its glory in front of his companion. And the best finishing touch of any image will be perfume. Therefore, the smell of men’s perfume should attract a woman, perhaps even surprising, but not shocking. For a romantic meeting, a man should choose such perfumes as woody-spicy Dolce and Gabbana The One for Men Eau de Parfum, sweet-leather Byredo Black Saffron, light citrus Prada Infusion de Mandarine.

Very different fragrances will be needed if the beloved is ready to move to a new relationship level. A woman should “drown” in sexual energy, so you can safely use daring, sensual, and provocative fragrances. Our recommendations: intoxicating D Orsay Le Dandy with notes of whiskey, tobacco, and spices, passionate Paco Rabanne Pure XS with vanilla liqueur, cedar, and soft skin, sensual Guerlain Lui with floral, woody, and spicy chords.


Perfume for sport

Today, perfumes offer us a wide range of fragrances for sports, but they should be used cautiously. During exercise, hot skin can turn any, even the most expensive and refined perfume, into a mind-blowing “incomprehensible.” Such fragrances are better applied to clean skin after a shower when the workout is over. Fresh, invigorating compositions are suitable for sports, with cool, sea, or ozone notes.

Our recommendations include aromatic Zara Night Pour Homme II Sport with notes of bergamot, lavender, and cedar, woody-spicy Chanel Allure Homme Sport with citrus chords, peppers, cypress, and mint nuances, fresh woody Kenzo Homme Sport with citrus and spices. We are sure that now you know what perfume to buy a man. And we are always happy to help you with this.