Learn How to Care for Dry Skin

Especially in winter, your skin can feel a bit dry and triggery. Our Beauty Advisor Nathalie gives you the best tips to hibernate with dry skin and make her feel wonderfully soft and supple again.


What causes my dry skin?

What causes my dry skin

Beauty Advisor Nathalie: “Does your skin sometimes feel as dry as the Sahara – especially if it’s anything but desert temperatures outside? There can be several reasons for this: your genes, the dry indoor air and the temperature contrast when you go in from the outside. But your lifestyle also affects the hydration content of your skin! For example, turn the temperature down, because central heating sucks the moisture out of your skin. Drink enough water and leave that mulled wine in the cupboard as much as possible. After all, alcohol dries out your skin extra. You can also apply a smart strategy in the bathroom. With these tips, you keep your dry skin hydrated!”


1. Clean in all softness

“A good cleansing is a must for every skin type. With your dry skin, you should choose a mild cleansing foam or milk that does not disturb the natural moisture balance of your skin. A cleansing product such as Sisley’s Lyslait Cleansing Milk cleanses your skin without drying it out further.

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2. Protect your skin with the day cream

“Of course, your dry skin needs a moisturizing day cream that nourishes hair in depth and protects against external drying factors such as dry indoor air, wind and cold. Aquasource Rich Day Cream from Biotherm is a smart choice: it contains the unique ingredient life plankton that keeps your skin hydrated all day long and makes it feel comfortable.

Tip: Apply your day cream immediately after cleaning your face. This way you ensure that the moisture on your skin also absorbs for extra hydration.”


3. Les your skin lust with a mask

“Once or twice a week you can apply a moisturizing mask that gives your skin an extra moisture boost. Wishful’s Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask (Huda Kattan’sskincare brand) contains moisturizing ingredients and aloe vera that soothes your skin. Let the mask soak in for 20 minutes, then carefully remove it from your face and massage the rest of the product into your skin. Don’t rinse!”


4. Lifesaver for daytime

Lifesaver for daytime

“Does your skin feel dry and triggery again in the afternoon? Put a moisturizing mist in your bag: you can spray it all over your face and makeup wherever you are. Such a mist puts a moisturizing mist over your skin and makes her feel comfortable again. Glow Coco Hydrating Mist from Huda Beauty contains coconut water and gives you a beautiful glow.”


5. Don’t forget: lips

“Your lips can also feel extra dry. Protect them with Pure Color Envy Replenish Lip Balm by Estée Lauder- it moisturizes your lips intensely. If your lips are already cracked, Confort Extrême Lips SOS Care from Sisley with moisturizing and restorative oils will provide help.”


6. Hydration from head to toe

“Does your body feel dry? Then you might feel like relaxing in a nice hot bath. But you shouldn’t! The hoter and the longer your bathing session is, the more you strip your skin of its natural oils. So take a short shower with lukewarm temperature and use a moisturizing shower foam like the Black Vanilla & Snowdrop Shower Foam from Scento. Afterwards, you immediately apply a rich body cream such as the Sensual Bare Body Cream from Kenzo that smells wonderfully sensual.”