How To Use a Beard Trimmer

The electric trimmer is a relatively new “technical trend” designed for spectacular styling and vegetation removal on the face. Since the device appeared on the market recently, not every man knows how to use a trimmer for a beard. Meanwhile, it is a great solution for members of the stronger sex who always look well-groomed and neat. If you learn to use a trimmer, you can save a lot of time and keep your beard in perfect condition.


Choosing a beard care device

One of the main points in the care of the beard – the choice of a quality device that will effectively trim the hair and keep the battery throughout the shaving procedure. When buying, consider the following recommendations:

  • Choose a trimmer for a beard with stainless steel blades. They have a long period of operation and allow you to shave the vegetation without pulling out.
  • It is good if your device will have a strong waterproof body that will clean it under running water.
  • Pay attention to the handle – it should lie comfortably in hand and have rubberized inserts to eliminate slippage.
  • The more nozzles are set, the more convenient it is to use the device when caring for the beard.

For more information on choosing a beard trimmer, click on the link to our article with tips on selection.


Using a trimmer for a beard

Using a trimmer for a beard

How to properly shave with a trimmer asks many men who have never cut their hair with this device. In fact, there is nothing complicated here. If you learn to use a typewriter, you will always be in trend and forget about visiting the barbershop.

Preparing a trimmer

Starting to use the device, study the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the type of oil for lubricating the blades (if necessary, for your chosen model), the way to shoot knives, and other nuances. Here’s how to get your device ready to go:

  1. Grease its head with oil so that it gets on the blades.
  2. Turn on the device for 20-30 seconds. Thus, you will check the device’s performance, and the lubricant is more evenly distributed on the knives.
  3. After checking, please turn off the trimmer and wipe the blades not to stick to the trimmed hairs during the shaving process.


Choosing a nozzle

The trimmer can be used without a nozzle when edging the beard and mustache. As for trimming, for this purpose, use a variety of accessories, which are selected depending on the desired length. To shave your beard with a trimmer, usually choose 1-10 mm nozzles, as they allow you to trim the bristles and cut long hairs accurately. You can use only one nozzle in some models regulated with a special wheel and retainer.

The best solution in grooming is trimmers for beard Braun, which can be bought in our online store. The devices have up to 39 length settings with a step of 0.5 mm, so they perform an effective haircut without much effort. They include crests of 0.5-10 and 11-20 mm, which help maintain the beard, both small and medium, and long.


How to use a trimmer: shaving stages

Before you start a haircut, decide on the desired length of the beard. With a long beard, three settings of the device for different lengths are enough. If you like a short beard, you can cut your hair only with blades – without the use of nozzles. For example, to form a certain style, Espanyoke, you need to have many functions, including replacing standard blades on the head with smaller knives for high hair shaving accuracy.

After that, you can start shaving:

  1. Start shaving your beard with long hair, and then move on to short. To give the beard a well-groomed look, you need to use the nozzles for a large length. Shave in the chin area against hair growth. As the hairs grow down, you need to perform a haircut from the bottom up to shorten them.
  2. Change the nozzle to a shorter one and start shaving your neck. Start from the kayak and move up. If the original length of the beard hair is more than 5 cm, then for their primary haircut, it is necessary to remove the nozzle and use only the blades of the trimmer.
  3. Move on to the formation of contours. To do this, treat the neck with a zero nozzle. The edging of the beard on the cheeks can be done with a trimmer without nozzles. Draw the lateral contours towards the ears, gently stretching the skin with your hand when shaving in hard-to-reach places. You can use a razor or an electric razor to shave more carefully.

During the shaving process, a flat part of the nozzle should be applied to the face to ensure the best results of the procedure. All movements should be smooth and slow. Otherwise, the device will not have time to cut the vegetation. The device is desirable to keep at an angle to the skin – in this case, the length of the hair will be smooth on the entire volume of the beard.

The whiskers drive the device in any convenient direction for trimming, giving the hair the desired shape. If you want to shave off the mustache completely, you can use a trimmer without nozzles. To do this, close your mouth, smile, and remove hairs all over the line above the upper lip.

To avoid clutter in the process of shaving, it is better to put a trash can under your feet. When mowing, the blades will be sprinkled with a lot of cut hair, especially when cutting a long beard, so it is worth making sure that they do not fly around the bathroom.


Cleaning and caring for the trimmer

Cleaning and caring for the trimmer

Manufacturers recommend carefully using the trimmer for the beard because the quality of care of the device largely depends on its performance and period of operation. Follow the recommendations below to keep your assistant clean:

  • Wash the nozzles after you’ve finished using the device. For washing, you can take warm soapy water. You can not wash the device under running water if its body is not protected from moisture. This can lead to corrosion on the knives or break the trimmer.
  • Brush the trimmer from the hairs regularly. To do this, you can use the brush that comes in the kit. A regular cotton swab is suitable to clean the grooves of the blades.
  • Don’t forget to grease the trimmer with oil (if it’s indicated in the instructions for a particular model). This will allow the blades and the motor to remain operational for a long time.
  • Charge the battery if it signals a low charge. If the battery is not charged enough, the trimmer can tear out the hairs, which will lead to discomfort and irritation of the skin.

If you use the trimmer correctly, you can create your own style with minimal time. You can always control your image formation and perform stylish haircuts, beard, and mustache – no worse than that of a professional barber.


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