How to Dry Your Hair Properly

It would seem that it is difficult to dry your hair? But hairdressers assure: if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong, you need to dry it properly. Let’s tell you what a diffuser is, what heat protection is needed, and how to dry your hair quickly if you don’t have a hairdryer at hand.


Use Hairdryer For Dry Your Hair 

Fen is a unique invention that makes life easier for millions of women every morning (and beyond). With the help of hot air, you can dry your hair once or twice and make styling of any complexity. That’s sometimes we notice that the hair begins to break, sn apart, push, or even fall out. Glitter disappears, hair becomes thin and dull. Before you go to the pharmacy for vitamins, analyze – and whether you dry your hair correctly? After all, too high air temperature and daily drying can spoil the hair, make them brittle and lifeless, with split tips. The dried scalp may even cause dander.


Choosing a hairdryer model

Choosing a hairdryer model

The correct drying of hair begins with the choice of a quality hair dryer model. It is better to choose a powerful model (at least for 2000 w), especially if you have thick and long curls. It is important that the model can regulate the temperature and speed of the airflow. As a rule, there are only two options in low-cost models: “very hot” and “barely warm,” it is better if there is a choice between 3-4 temperature regimes. Also, please note that there is a “cold drying” function – an important thing if you use a hairdryer every day, and it also helps to fix the styling.

If you like to experiment with styling, then choose a model hairdryer with different nozzles.

For example, a standard hub helps to dry the hair and give them the desired shape. The brush nozzle will help to straighten the hair and give them volume quickly. The diffuser nozzle (a round disc with spikes) helps distribute warm air along the entire length of the hair. Most convenient with such a nozzle to dry curly and curly hair.


Correctly press your hair after washing.

Before drying a hairdryer, it is important to dry them well with a towel. It is better if it is soft (for example, from microfiber) and absorbs moisture well. Hair should never be rubbed. Rubbing hair damages the cuticle of the hair, softened after contact with water, makes them brittle and dull. Gently press the towel to your hair, soaking up the moisture. If the hair is long, you can roll it in a towel and then squeeze it. Dry your hair with a towel until it stops dripping water.


We use thermal protection.

After you have dried your hair with a towel, apply for heat protection on them (released in the form of spray or foam). Thermo protection fixes moisture inside the hair and protects against exposure to high temperatures.


Don’t dry your hair too hot air

.Of course, the hotter the air, the faster the drying, and the hot air, hair styling holds much better. But, as mentioned above, the hot air dries the hair, making it brittle and dull. Therefore, it is better to spend a little more time on drying than dry in a moderate or cool mode. The air jet temperature should be comfortable for the back of the palm. The hairdryer should be kept at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from the hair not to burn and dry the scalp.


Using a hairdryer nozzle

The narrow nozzle – a slit-shaped hub – is in the kit of any model of the hairdryer. With this nozzle, the air jet can be directed exactly where you need it and not inflate the hair in different directions.


Divide hair into zones

To dry the hair faster, divide it into zones: vertically – by the hole; horizontally – from ear to ear on the occipital part of the head, secure them with clamps and dry each separately, starting with the occipital part.


Dry hair in the direction of growth

To keep the hair smooth and shiny, it is important to dry the hair exactly in the direction of growth, from the roots to the tips. So the air jet smooths the scales of the cuticles, and the hair stops to push.


Leave your hair a little under-dried

To accurately avoid overheating hair, it is better to leave them slightly under-dried. Hair should not be very wet, and after 3-5 minutes at room temperature, already dry out completely.


End with cold air drying

To keep your hair smooth and elastic, walk on them with a jet of cold air before finishing drying.


Use Diffuser For Dry Your Hair 

Use diffuser For Dry Your Hair 

In general, the diffuser is not a separate device for drying hair but a special nozzle for a hairdryer in the form of a dome with a lot of plastic or silicone teeth – “fingers.” The “fingers” themselves can be open or hollow. In the first version, the hair is dried faster, and the hollow better retain the shape of the curl.

The diffuser is indispensable for the owners of lush, curly, and naughty hair, as well as for hair after a chemical

perm. It scatters hot air along the entire length of the hair, keeping the shape of curls and curls, as well as preventing brittleness and tangled hair.

In addition to careful drying with the help of a diffuser, you can achieve an impressive root volume even on heavy and thick hair. To do this, during drying, the nozzle should be moved, lifting the hair at the roots.


Dry your hair with a towel

Before drying the diffuser, be sure to wet your hair with a towel thoroughly. They should be wet, not wet.

Don’t forget about thermal protection.

Before using a diffuser, do not forget to apply a thermoprodefious mousse or spray on the hair with a conventional hairdryer. The tool should be applied at full length, avoiding the root zone, and then lightly massage.


Divide hair into zones

If you have a short haircut, attach a diffuser to the head and dry your hair, slightly massaging them at the roots for a lush volume.

Medium-length hair and long curls are better divided into zones, fix clamps and dry each area separately, starting with the occipital

part. Tilt your head sideways and twist your hair at the roots. Alternate sides to achieve an even volume. After the roots have dried up, start to the main strands and tips. To do this, put the curls in the diffuser bowl and press them to the head for one or two minutes. Do not hold the diffuser for long. Otherwise, the hair will be very fluffy and dried. In the end, you can sprinkle them with varnish to fix the volume and curls.


How to quickly dry your hair without a hairdryer and diffuser

What if the hair needs to be dry quickly and the hairdryer is not at hand? First, thoroughly wet the hair with a soft towel to make it wet rather than wet. To dry each strand separately, use paper towels, moving from roots to tips. Use a comb with rare prongs so as not to damage your hair.



What are the main pros and cons of hair dryer drying?

The main advantages are the speed of drying and the ability to create the desired image. The disadvantages include damage to hair structure with constant or improper use of a hairdryer – responds stylist with 11 years of experience, owner and director of the beauty salon Flock Albert Tyumisov.


What are the main pros and cons of drying your hair diffuser?

Both the pros and cons of the diffuser are the same as that of the hairdryer. Fast hair drying, creating any hairstyle, but if you do not use thermal protection, you can damage the hair – notes the stylist.


How do I dry my hair so as not to damage its structure?

The main rules of hairstyling: before using the hairdryer, necessary to apply for heat protection. Dry begins slightly wet hair, percent by 70%. You need to work with a comb very carefully and carefully. The airflow from the hair dryer should be directed parallel to the strands, which are dry, not perpendicular – lists stylist Albert Tyumiesov.


Why is drying cold air considered more hair-friendly?

It is logical to consider dry with cold air more gentle, as there is no effect on hair with a high temperature from the hairdryer and brushing. But at the same time, it is almost impossible to create a form of the desired styling, and the process itself turns out longer – explains stylist Albert Tyumisov.


Which thermal protection is better to choose?

As an expert who has been working as a stylist for more than 11 years, I can recommend exclusively professional products, as they contain expensive components that care for hair, the best, modern formula components that work exactly as you want, and not “how it turns out.” For example, our salon works only on professional products from the UK TiGi. Given the huge range of tools, you can pick up a convenient styling for anyone – the master clarifies.


Does the choice of thermal protection depend on the type of hair?

 Yes, there are differences, of course. Since all the tools that we apply to the hair and do not wash off give a certain effect, it is important to understand – what kind of result you want to achieve. With more brittle and thin lightened hair or pull out more porous, thick, curly hair. Typically, curly hair products have more weighting, nourishment, and hydration, as curly hair is initially more prone to dryness. And all the means for blondes are lighter, weightless, delicate – explains stylist Albert Tyumiesov.