How to Buy Foundation Online

Too dark, too light, too opaque or too fat: the foundation is just about the hardest product to shop online. But with this guide, you can find your ideal foundation (hue) online. It’s a match!
Buying an online foundation is a bit like crossing the street blindfolded: anything can go wrong, and you don’t know until it’s a happy ending when you take off your blindfold again. Fortunately, we know what to do! With these tips, you will find the foundation (hue) of your skin dreams just from your seat.



You’ve had the same skin your whole life, so in the meantime, you know her pretty much inside and out. Use that knowledge to find the ideal foundation! If your skin feels dry and triggery by noon, then you choose a liquid foundation formula that hydrates well, like Lingerie de Peau Aqua Nude SPF 20 from Guerlain. If you have oily skin, a mattifying powder folly is a good idea. Flawless Compact Foundation by BE Creative Makeup naturally covers and counteracts shiny. In this article, you can read all about foundation formulas!



During the day, you might prefer a light, natural finish that gives you that beautiful second-skin effect without really feeling like makeup. Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30 by Estée Lauder is a good choice: it is ultra liquid, feels wonderfully light and gives you a very natural look. If you have many discolourations or you like a more opaque foundation, Encre the Peau All Hours Foundation SPF 20 by Yves Saint Laurent is your go-to makeup without a mask effect.



Finding the first step in your perfect foundation tone starts with … Your wrists! After all, your veins help you determine your undertone. If your veins are more likely to be green, you have a warm undertone; blue veins indicate a cool undertone. If the colour is in between, you have a neutral undertone. Now that you know your undertone, you can look for the right foundation more specifically. Many warm shades for the warm undertone have names like ‘Honey’, ‘Caramel’ and ‘Amber’, while cold shades for the cool undertone are more likely to be christened ‘Rose Pink’.



Now that you know which formula and finish you want and what your undertone is, it’s time to confess colour! Complexion Idole Ultra Wear Nude by Lancôme gives a light to medium coverage and is suitable for all skin types. A safe choice, so! And the best news: it comes in no less than 40 (!) shades so that there is definitely one that matches your skin. Do you hesitate between 2 shades? Then choose the lightest shade. If it turns out to be a little too light, you can easily darken it a little with a little bronzer.

Urban Decay’s popular and cruelty-free Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation also exists in 50 shades. To make it easier to find your hue, the shades have ‘smart’ names. The dozens (from 10 to 70) are arranged from the lightest to the darkest shades. Then choose your undertone: N (neutral), W (warm) or C (cool) and then the natural shade of your skin: P (pink, oozing), B (blue), G (green), N (neutral), Y (yellow, yellow), O (orange, peach) or R (red). If you have light skin with a cool undertone and a rosy appearance, then 20CR could be your perfect match!



Isn’t your foundation too dark? Or is your summer tone already faded a bit, and do you still want to continue using your favourite summer foundation? Then mix your foundation with some day cream to lighten it a shade. Or go for the Foundation Shade Adjust Drops from BE Creative Makeup: which consists of 2 shades to make your foundation lighter or darker. Genius!