Dry Skin On The Face | Causes and 6 Ways to Treat it

Dry skin is a real gift in youth and a big problem after 30 years if you do not care for the right Skincare. We will tell you why there is increased dryness, how to remove its manifestations and what to do for prevention.


Dry facial skin: the main signs

The type of skin depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands. Through them, the subcutaneous fiber is excreted fat, necessary for protection, moisture retention, control of the rate of renewal of epidermis cells, and other functions. The dry skin of the face is distinguished by the fact that its surface comes with less fat. This, in turn, determines its features:

  • Smoothness – thanks to the fine-porous structure, the skin looks smooth and tender;
  • The lack of oily shine – fat does not accumulate even in the T-zone, decorative cosmetics are perfectly kept, inflammation happens very rarely;
  • The rapid appearance of flaps – with very dry skin lack of moisture causes flaps on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and around the mouth, without quality care to the flaunching join redness, may develop high sensitivity;
  • Early wrinkles – dry skin at a young age allows you not to worry about acne, the face is velvety and smooth, but after 30 years, the skin condition deteriorates rapidly.


How do I determine the dryness of my face?

To know how to care for a face properly, it is important to determine your skin type. In dryness, in addition to the above signs, there may be a feeling of tightness immediately after washing. Discomfort also occurs during prolonged exposure to the sun, amplified in winter, when due to the work of heating devices, the humidity in the rooms becomes critically low.

There is a simple test that can be done at home. To carry it, the skin should be clean – you need to perform a de Mariage, wash, and do not apply on the face any cosmetics. After 3-4 hours after such preparation, thin paper or special cosmetic napkins are applied to the face – one on the forehead and nose area, two on the cheeks and cheekbones, another on the chin. The napkins need to be pressed to the face for a few seconds and checked for clearance. Women with dry type will not have traces on any of the napkins.


Causes of dryness

Caring for a dry face must take into account the causes that caused a decrease in moisture level in the skin. In addition to congenital features, these include:

  • Age factor – over the years, the number of secretions produced by sebaceous glands is gradually reduced. As a result, the skin type can change. Thus, oily skin becomes more like normal and normal – dry. Signs of water imbalances are also becoming more visible.
  • External exposure – often dry skin is the result of exposure to various external factors. Among the main ones are the air in the room, the dry air in the room in the cold season, the washing of hard water, and the change of water, for example, on trips, long-term exposure to high temperature and ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning lamps.
  • Improper care – high dryness requires remedies that saturate the skin with moisture, although often hydration is replaced by nutrition, resulting in signs of dehydration only increase. Other common mistakes are washing with hot water, alkaline soap, traumatic peeling, the use of alcohol-containing cosmetics, and decorative products with drying components in the composition.
  • The body’s problems – because the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it instantly responds to the deterioration of health. Thus, dryness can be a consequence of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and endocrine system; when peeling and changes in color and structure of the skin should exclude diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Poor nutrition – An unbalanced diet causes a lack of nutrients needed to maintain the skin, so vitamins A, E, C, and F are consumed in flax, dullness, and loss of elasticity; the same effect is often given by insufficient consumption of clean drinking water.


Why should dry facial skincare be special?

Before the age of 25-30, women with dry skin type are usually not familiar with such problems as enlarged pores, oily glitter, black dots on the nose, acne, etc. Since the face “does not cause inconvenience,” care is often neglected, and by the age of 30, suddenly and quickly develop age changes, including – a large number of wrinkles, increased unwanted pigmentation, deterioration of the tone of the natural. Without emergency measures after 40 years, the skin becomes flabby, and correction of its condition requires a lot of effort. That is why dry and very dry skin needs early care, providing hydration. Together with the right diet and a healthy lifestyle, this measure will allow you to enjoy the beauty and youth of the skin as long as possible.


Remedies for dry facial skin from Lance

If you are interested in questions about how to get rid of dryness and how to restore skin condition, start with the choice of cosmetics that deeply and intensely moisturize the skin. The ideal remedies can be found in the collections of Lancome skincare products.


How to wash and cleanse the face?

How to wash and cleanse the face

Facial cleansing is a necessary part of competent skin care of any type, but when dryness is often a problem – then to wash? You need to use only delicate means with a gentle consistency – foam, mousse, or milk. Apply the appropriate product with soft massage movements and rinse with warm water. Temperatures are crucial; too hot water can exacerbate the signs of dryness, especially in the winter season.

You can use gentle peeling using special gentle means that exfoliate without injuring the epidermis for deep cleansing. For example, the mask-exfoliant of the Energie De Vie with a gel texture gently removes dead cells, and due to the content of beak extracts, melissa and ginseng awakens the skin and gives it a radiance. For the best effect, it can be used twice a week. A scrub with coarse abrasive particles for the face is not suitable.


Toning is necessary to restore the protective hydrolipid barrier of the skin and ensure that the skin remains elastic and receives a normal diet. When dry, it is absolutely impossible to use tonics and lotions containing alcohol and drying additives, even the safest and most natural.

Tonique Confort Tonic is a versatile solution for those who do not know how to deal with discomfort after washing. This cleansing agent contains almond and honey extract to soften and refresh the skin. Its formula works to restore and preserve the hydrolipid layer, and the texture of the light gel gives an instant feeling of comfort.

Another option for everyday use is the transformative lotion of the Energie De Vie with a whole cocktail of plant ingredients (French melissa, cranberry seed oil, ginseng root extract, etc.). This product should be applied to the skin with a cotton pad or fingers immediately after cleansing but until the main care. The lotion helps to cope with dryness, flailing, and redness and fills the skin with energy.



For daily use are suitable:

Products with a lighter and watery texture apply to the face in the first place, that is, first used serum or emulsion, then – a denser cream.

Such cosmetics should be selected following the current needs of the skin. For example, if the skin looks dull and “tired,” you can try a complex with fluid, day cream, and night cream Hydra zen. These remedies give a pronounced anti-stress effect due to extracts of flowers and medicinal plants, as well as hyaluronic acid and ceramides in Lipidure capsules™.

If dryness is combined with severe discomfort and irritation, it is worth including in your ritual the cream Hydra zen Extreme – it quickly soothes and provides long-term hydration of the skin at any age.

Multiactive Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream will help improve dry skin with wrinkles and other signs of aging. It has a formula with a unique complex that provides smoothing, restoring elasticity, and deep hydration for comfort for 24 hours.

Cream sorbet Energie De Vie will protect dry skin from stress, and adverse external factors will return a healthy, smooth tone, radiance, and smoothness.

In the summer season, you can use hydra zen cream with SPF15, which protects against exposure to ultraviolet light. In winter, skincare products should be supplemented with a nourishing cream.



Masks increase the effectiveness of daily care, and when the skin is dry, they can be done 2-3 times a week. The Hydra zen and engine De Vie have soothing and moisturizing night serum masks and fatigue masks.


A few words about home remedies

There are many popular ways to strengthen and restore the lipid layer that holds moisture. As the reviews show, they can improve the condition of dry skin. The safest and most effective means include those that contain vegetable oils. As a rule, in-home cosmetics, the basis (for example, a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil) is mixed with pharmacy vitamins, plant extracts, honey, and other ingredients. Such masks – safe and inexpensive – were put on the face for a few minutes and washed off with warm water. After them, the skin looks softer; its tone is aligned. However, “home products” in the vast majority of cases work on the surface, and the means based on them give a short-term effect. Moreover, before you smear a homemade mask on the face, you need to ensure no allergy to its components. Therefore, such procedures can be used as a supplement to basic care – professional and effective.


What to do if your face is dehydrated

Sometimes the skin becomes not just dry but dehydrated. What helps to cope with the acute lack of moisture? First of all, you need to take care of the choice of professional cosmetics directed action. They will help both eliminate water shortages and protect the skin from repeated dehydration. In addition, you will need to find out why the problem of dryness and remove its causes. You will also have to adjust the diet and microclimate at home, review the skincare regimen, and pay more attention to the quality of water used for washing.

Following simple skincare rules and using the right cosmetics, for example, from the collections of Lanc’me, you can achieve an incredible effect even with severe dryness – the tone is aligned, the face will be filled with a healthy glow will be velvety and smooth.