How To Care Beard At Home

Fashion for beard came to India a few years ago. And with it, the demand for the services of barbers – professional hairdressers of the men’s hall has grown. Equipment stores were littered with trimmers, shavers, and razors to care for at home. The cosmetics sell shampoos and oil for vegetation on the face. At first, the price tag for the products was high – they were transported from abroad. But noticing the growing interest of buyers, democratic manufacturers pulled up and presented their lines. Komsomolskaya Pravda spoke to barbed experts to form a step-by-step instruction for the care of the beard at home.


How to properly care for a beard at home

Before you give the word to the pros, you want to insert your five cents. The KP correspondent’s main advice, who tried to wear different types of beard and mustache for several years, is to watch and care for his hair. An unkempt beard is not cool at all.

The form needs to be constantly modeled.

Everyone has a different hair rate. According to personal observations, two weeks is a minimum period, after which it would be nice to correct. As a last resort, you can last a month. Then it is necessary to gather strength and conduct a simulation at home or go to a barbershop. Let’s move on to the instructions.

Wash your beard

“It’s best to wash your beard every time you take a shower. It is recommended to use specialized shampoos or soap for beards for washing. Because the pH level on the face is different from the pH level on the head, says Dmitry Chizhov, a teacher at American Crew, an international company.


Dry with a hairdryer

As soon as you wash the beard, dry it with warm air and a round comb. So she’ll be less stuck in different directions and curl.


Walk the typewriter

“To trim the beard at home, you’ll need a trimmer that has several nozzles. Homemade trimmers and typewriters are a huge amount for every taste of color and purse. My advice is to remove the hair from the temple by growing down, gradually changing the nozzles to increase. Try to be careful and start with large nozzles to remove the excess – says Dmitry Chizhov.


Apply oil

Barber in the barbershop “Britra” Astemir Atlaskirov recommends first to apply oil “Lock Stoke.” Wait and add the “Uppercut” balm. These are quite expensive products – for both tubes, about 4000 rubles. So choose a tool that will be affordable.

From personal experience, I note that foreign cosmetics of specialized brands are really the most-most. It has a pleasant smell, and it perfectly tames the vegetation on the face. But not everyone is ready to pay a decent amount.

Tips. During a trip to the barbershop, remember what remedy the hairdresser used. Then look for its name and price on the Internet. Guaranteed to save 300-500 rubles than when buying in the salon or cosmetic.

The second lifehack is to come to a big cosmetic and look there for products from more mass

brands. For example, normal beard oil can actually be bought for 500 rubles (30 ml), while a product for barbershops will cost at least twice as much.

My advice is not to use beard oils but balms.

They have the property to absorb and have a light fixation. Therefore, the beard will not be fluffy and will keep the shape all day. And due to the care components, the beard will be soft, and the skin under it is moisturized, – believes Dmitry Chizhov.


Popular questions and answers

Do I have to go to the barber?

– In-home conditions, it is possible to level the beard, but to set the right shape, to pick up the type under the facial features, and the image of the person will not work. After all, professionals know how to cut a beard so that as it grows, it retains its shape and looks neat, – answers the teacher in the international company American Crew, haircut trainer Dmitry Chizhov.


What if my beard does not grow?

“There is a large number of funds on the market for “beard growth,” but really effective have a hormonal basis (such means should be used constantly, the attitude to them doctors ambiguous – note.ed.). So my recommendation is just to wait,” says Dmitry Chizhov.

“If you have problems with the growth of the beard, it is worth contacting a trichologist who will identify the reasons and advise any means or procedures,” says Barber in the barbershop “Britra” Astemir Atlaskirov


What to buy to take care of your beard at home?

“When you plan to take care of your beard yourself, get the necessary tools and accessories. These include beard brush, shaker, balm, shampoo, and oil. As for the cost of tools and accessories, act following your financial situation, – answers Astemir Atlaskirov.


Is it possible to dry and straighten the beard with a hairdryer?

If a man takes care of the beard with the help of care products and uses a hairdryer, not at maximum heating capacity, it is possible. It won’t do any harm.


The skin under the beard began to peel off. What to do?

To overcome skin peeling, you need to start using the moisturizing balm for the beard. It makes the beard neater, gives it shape, and moisturizes the skin under it. Also, use a special shampoo.


What to cut the beard at home: scissors or typewriter?

In barbershops, use both scissors and a typewriter. However, the average person can not manage with a combination of combs and scissors. Therefore, it is more expedient to use only a typewriter at home.