10 Best Perfumes for Men In India 2023

From an absolute classic since 1964 (!) to a fragrance designed by a ‘perfume hater’: this is the story behind the 10 most popular men’s perfumes ever. Welcome to our hall of fragrance fame!
Do you want to expand your extensive scent wardrobe with some eternal classics, or are you looking for a man’s fragrance with which you can’t miss the ball as a gift? It is not always obvious to choose a fragrance if you choose more than 450 men’s fragrances in our store. Then you can, of course, consult the online Fragrance Finder, or you can choose one of these 10 immortal fragrance classics!


Fragrance History

The history of perfume is as intoxicating as the perfume itself. After all, the very first perfumes date back to 3000 BC.C., when people in ancient Egypt made cocktails from ingredients such as plants, jasmine and wine – and some of those ingredients are still used today! The ancient Egyptians christened perfume the ‘sweat of sun god Ra’, which was a privilege for the rich. Over the years, perfume evolved enormously, but it wasn’t until around 1934 that the first real men’s fragrances arose … whose flavours changed continuously. Just think of the bushy fougère smells of the 1970s, the extravagant ’80s scents and the ultra-shredded nineties scents. Some scents are – fortunately! – in the meantime, removed from production, others stand the test of time with brilliance. Like these 10 eternal favourites!


Top 10 Best Perfumes for Men In India



We’re signing 1975. Hubert de Givenchy launches a new men’s ready-to-wear collection he calls Givenchy Gentleman. A classic and timeless clothing collection and a perfect translation of his own personality as one of the most elegant and charming men ever. To complete his collection, he developed the perfume Givenchy Gentleman of the same name. In 2017, a modern update of the fragrance appeared Gentleman, which is already called a neo-classic.



Giorgio Armani is known for his austere style, neutral colours and Italian elegance. When the fashion house released the light and versatile Acqua di Giò into the world in 1996, it proved to be the perfect addition to that fashion image. The fragrance is inspired by wonderful holidays full of freedom, wind and water, and almost literally let a fresh wind blow through the Nineties’ perfume landscape. Meanwhile, more than 25 million vials have flown over the counter worldwide. This smell will never get bored!



“Pour Sicily into a vial.” That was pretty much the briefing for the perfumers who developed Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue Pour Homme. And with success, because after the super popular Light Blue for her from 2001, the men’s smell was also greeted with raging enthusiasm. Together the fragrances won no less than 14 awards! Light Blue smells wonderfully of summer: light and fresh with Sicilian mandarin, frozen grapefruit and rosemary.



In 2005, the Dutch designer duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren created the extravagant flower scent Flowerbomb for women. That perfume became such a hit that Viktor & Rolf launched the men’s fragrance Spicebomb in 2012. In an interview, they said: “We were jealous of all the women who had Flowerbomb and wanted our own bomb. Flowers are typical of women, and herbs are the male counterpart.” Spicebomb was the first fragrance to popularize ingredients such as saffron and pink pepper and was often imitated but never matched.



You love it, or you hate it, that’s the motto of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. After all, this perfume is potent – with ingredients such as cinnamon and leather – and can only be worn by men with a serious dose of self-confidence. You can compare it to an old fashioned cocktail– bitter and sweet with a hint of citrus. At its launch in 2008, the fragrance was an instant hit, and a bottle of it is still sold every 5 seconds. The fragrance was hugely popular with women, prompting the brand to launch Lady Million later.



One of the oldest perfumes in the store is Aramis Classic, which Estée Lauder founded in 1964. Of course, there are even older perfumes, but they were often only sold locally or in limited editions. Aramis is the first men’s perfume to be widely sold in department stores and still an absolute bestseller! The fragrance may seem classic and elegant (and is a bit). It also contains sensual ingredients that act as aphrodisiacs, such as musk and amber. A concealed seduction weapon!



When you see jean Paul Gaultier’s original – and for that time inconsolable – flacon by Le Male, you wouldn’t think the perfumer would take his inspiration from the lavender scents of a typical 1950s barbershop. The very young perfumer Francis Kurkdjian never dreamed that it would be such a huge success. Like its female counterpart Le Classique, Le Male is still wildly popular after all these years.



To launch a world-famous perfume, you don’t always have to look too far. The scented evidence of this is Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, which is a mix of some common perfume ingredients in men’s perfumes such as apple, bergamot, cinnamon, sandal and cedarwood. Boss Bottled has been around since 1998 but, thanks in part to the campaign with Chris Hemsworth and, of course, the good smell itself, it is still an immortal classic that adorns a lot of men’s wrists.



Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has praised for his signature pleated technique, but actually, his perfume L’Eau d’Issey put him on the world map. Ironic because of Miyake’s perfumes. With L’Eau d’Issey in 1994, he, therefore, created an ‘antidote’ to the predominant smells of the 1980s and was inspired by the smell of water that falls on clean skin. Sounds vague? When you smell him, you immediately understand what he meant by that!



Donatella Versace would have been working on it for 5 years, but Eros was well worth the wait. Donatella took inspiration for the fragrance in Greek mythology: she wanted to create a perfume for the modern warrior who goes all out for his passion. Donatella: “Eros is really the DNA of Versace’s house. The Greek motif, combined with the turquoise vial that emphasizes the Mediterranean.” What Eros smells like? Fresh with apple and mint, but also woody and spicy with tonkaboon and cedarwood.