10 Nail Trends That Were Made For The Indian Summer

Already homesick for the nice weather? Don’t let the (post)summer slip through your fingers, thanks to these 10 colourful and graphic nail art looks. Elegant, playful and a touch arty!

But first … the basics

Provide a good foundation to start with before you get started with your artful creations.

  1. Wash your hands!
  2. Use nail polish remover such as the Gentle Nail Polish Remover from Only You to remove old nail polish (leftovers). Even if you didn’t wear nail polish for it, it’s smart to use remover: this way, you also remove natural oils that otherwise cause your nail polish not to adhere properly.
  3. With a cuticle oil such as Instant Cuticle Remover by Sally Hansen, you can loosen your cuticles and remove dead and hard skin particles.
  4. The first layer of your manicure is always a transparent base coat that protects your nails and ensures that your colour polish does not penetrate your nails themselves. La Laque Couture Base Coat by Yves Saint Laurent not only does that but also strengthens damaged nails.
  5. After your manicure, hydrate your hands – which can certainly feel extra dry in the autumn – with fine hand cream. Recommended: Hand & Nail Treatment Cream from Clarins that forms an invisible ‘glove’ to protect your hands and nails.

The art of nail art: this is how you get it in your fingers

Minimalistic or rather over the top? Whichever of these 10 fun nail art looks you choose; you can get it done in no time with these tips.

  • Clean lines? Tape off part of your nail with a piece of adhesive tape.
  • Use a toothpick to apply dots.
  • Oops, tampered with? Always keep a cotton swab with nail polish remover at hand.
  • If you can’t find a specific nail polish colour, you can get started yourself! Mix some (old) eyeshadow with transparent nail polish for a custom colour.
  • Smart: with the Express Nail Polish Drying Spray from Only You, your manicure is dry extra quickly.


Make it extra cheerful autumn with this ultra-colour-rich nail art look. Mix and match all your nail polish colours from your bag. Shouldn’t be missing? This autumn trend is mandarin orange as in Nail Polish ‘171 Hello Sunshine’ by Only You.


Also completely in love with this subtle nail art look? Choose a beautiful nude pink base.


Purple is hot, also in autumn! Try this nail art look with the Nail Polish ‘261 Purple Junkie’ from Only You.


To nailthis nail art look, it is best to cut some wavy shapes from adhesive tape first. Not easy, but the result is so much fun! Don’t forget to apply a top coat like Le Vernis Top Coat by Lancome afterwards to keep this artwork extra long.


Romantic pink meets tough black in this nail art look. Great product to work with: La Laque Couture Nail Polish ’73 Noir Over Noir’ by Yves Saint Laurent.


Beautiful with soft pastel sweaters for autumn: this feminine nail art look. As a basic color, it is best to choose a non-transparent nail polish such as La Laque Couture Nail Polish ’24 Rose Abstrait’ by Yves Saint Laurent.


Get those toothpicks, stickers, toothpicks and hairpins out of the closet to create this nail art look! What we like most about this look? The summer blue accents in a shade like Nail Polish ‘297 Saint Tropez’ from Only You that immediately take you back to a sunny holiday.


The eternal classic of the colour combos: black and white. Because white can look quite your nails, with this nail art look you better opt for a nude nail polish such as Nail Polish ’01 Cream’ from BE Creative Make Up.


This subtle nail art look suits all your winter outfits. Choose a beautiful pink shade as a base such as Nail Polish ‘684 Love Me Tender’ from Only You.


If it’s a little more for you, opt for this playful nail art look. With sunny colours like Nail Polish ’17 Fearless’ from BE Creative Make Up, you avoid any kind of winter blues!