Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Causes and Treatment

Unfortunately, many people suffer from this problem, and one in three women has to approach the issue drastically.

Hair grows and falls out – all these are natural processes and maybe not all so bad. The daily limit is the loss of up to 100 hairs per day. If the hair falls out abundantly while washing the head and combing, they remain a lot on the pillow after sleep. The hair noticeably thins, you observe that the hair is not enough only in certain areas of the head, there is baldness, worried about inflammation of the scalp – then it’s time to save the curls!

Today we will understand the causes of hair loss and help you solve this problem.


Why does hair fall out? Causes

hair fall out

So, first of all, the reasons. There may be a few of them.

Lack of vitamins and eating disorders.

 Calcium, vitamins E and Group B, Omega-3, and iron are the main micronutrients responsible for the beauty of your hair. If your diet is not balanced and lacks these substances, you torment yourself with diets. Then all this can cause hair loss. Include redfish, flaxseed butter, cottage cheese, nuts, green vegetables.


Stress and depression. 

Analyze your last weeks. If you have experienced or continue to be under constant stress, it harms your hair.


Reaction to medication. 

Perhaps you have taken medications that give such a side effect, then this fallout is temporary, and the curls are to be restored. Carefully read the instructions of the drug and consult with your doctor in this case.


Hormonal failures. 

The cause of hair loss can be a problem in the body. Do you have a good thyroid, do you have any malfunctions in the female cycle, is there any excessive irritability, or do you get tired quickly? Or maybe they’ve gained or lost weight? If you are concerned about this, you should go to an endocrinologist or gynecologist and take appropriate tests.


Hair loss after childbirth. 

In the first months after childbirth, hair loss is a normal process for the body. This is because the level of estrogen drops, the hormonal background is restored. During pregnancy, the hair almost does not fall out, so the process is so intense after childbirth. It just needs careful and gentle care.


Skin diseases. 

Prolonged seborrhoea, dander, dermatitis, and constant itching should alert you. If you do not see the results after changing shampoos, it is time to consult a dermatologist.


Seasonal hair loss. 

The environment also affects our hair. A temperature change can lead to temporary hair loss. Here you need to protect them and choose the appropriate care.


Wrongly selected cosmetics. 

Aggressive shampoos, which can not wash the head too often, coloring with unsafe paints, weighting of hair with silicone, negatively affect hair growth.


Hair loss: treatment

If the hair really falls out long and abundantly, then do not tighten and do not self-medicate. Be sure to see a specialist for professional medical help.

If you think that they fall out a little more than usual, the problem is stress, lack of vitamins, or improper care – here everything is in your hands. Take the choice of cosmetics seriously, and hair will answer you with pomp and shine. And we will help to make the right choice and not get lost in the expanses of cosmetics.

Care tips if your hair falls out

  • Any hair loves care and careful treatment. We’ll give you some simple, universal tips that you need.
  • Give up metal combs and plastic combs, replace them with wooden, natural, or mixed bristles.
  • Start combing your hair from the ends, gradually rising to the roots. Never pull through force, do not tear a tangled lump.
  • Don’t wash your head with too hot water. On the contrary, make a light contrast shower at the end of water treatments – rinse your hair with cool water.
  • Do not overuse hot styling and hair dye experiments. Choose paints sparing on a natural basis.
  • Do not make tight hairstyles, periodically change the place of breakout.
  • Selecting care against hair loss

Now specifically about hair care. The right care is the basis of healthy and beautiful hair.


Shampoos from the fallout

Choose should be soft shampoos, without sulfates, with a careful washing base. Even though the shampoo is on our hair for a short time, its composition is very much dependent on the impact on our hair.

The mainstay of soft shampoos is usually soap root extracts or washed oils. Nettle leaves, burdock root, hop cones, and other plant extracts are natural immunostimulating that strengthen the onions of each hair, and Sensoliv – a plant-based alternative to silicone, will give hair a well-groomed glow and gloss.

Here are the shampoos we recommend during the fallout period:


Hair loss Conditioner

Hair loss Conditioner

Conventional conditioner is most often not recommended to apply to the roots of the hair, as it contributes to fat separation and overload of hair, as often contain silicones.

In natural Conditioners from falling out a fundamentally different approach to care. They take care of the hair along its entire length and for the scalp, giving shine and strengthening the bow and trunk of each hair. They should be applied along the entire length, including roots, to keep on the hair for 3-5 minutes.

For dry hair, prone to lose, we do recommend trying co-fishing. This is the softest remedy – Conditioner instead of shampoo. It cleans as carefully as possible. The product is replete with vitamins and fatty acids and has a beneficial effect on hair conditions. Yes, it does not wash like the usual shampoo – after all, it is still a Conditioner. But washes his hair perfectly. The main thing is, don’t forget to put air conditioning on the tip. It’s not a two-in-one remedy. It’s the same detergent, just even softer than shampoo.


Masks against hair loss

Regular masks against hair loss due to the deepest penetration into the structure of the hair return the hair vitality, flexibility, and strength. Masks based on kelp extract have a powerful nutritional effect on hair and enhance its growth. Yeast mask has a delightful therapeutic effect, and biomass-based on colorless hena will save you from dandruff, prevent inflammatory processes of the skin, and eliminate excessive fat.

The key to the visible result of using natural masks is their systematic use at intervals of 2-3 days.


Oils to strengthen and grow hair

Oils will help to cope with even quite abundant hair loss, help prevent brittleness and loss, and improve the growth and structure of each hair. The main thing is to read the compositions carefully if you buy oil complexes. You can meet the elixir for hair, where at the beginning of the composition and oils that will not be useful – only paraffin or silicone. It is best to take pure cosmetic oils, but the greatest effect help to achieve complexes of natural oils with extracts of herbs.

Apply the oils before washing your head and leave for 40-60 minutes, allowing all the beneficial ingredients and vitamins to soak into the skin and saturate the hair. Ayurvedic oil with amla should be preheated in a water bath for the best-absorbed ability, and it is recommended to leave it overnight or for 4-8 hours. The oils are easily washed off without leaving a greasy film or a feeling of saltiness.


Rinsing hair with herbs

Our friends for strengthening hair are extracts of valerian, burdock, chamomile, purity, nettles, and many other medicinal herbs. They will give the hair strength, shine, and volume and block the mechanism of hair loss, improving the microcirculation of the skin.

Herbal rinses will protect hair from external adverse factors and help to preserve natural strength and beauty. Rinse is desirable to apply after washing hair, carefully but gently rubbing into the scalp and not washing.

Of course, in the life of a modern girl, there is no time for cooking broths, so we recommend using rinse concentrates, which have already been collected all useful.


Ampoules from the fallout – yes or no?

Heavy artillery in the fight against hair loss can be considered among serums and other indelible caring cosmetic products. They contain a huge dose of vitamins and minerals. Hair will be protected from external aggressive influences. So if you feel that the usual care is not enough for you, it is worth paying attention to these funds.

Finally, we can’t help but remind that everything in a person should be healthy and beautiful. Keep an eye on the balance of your diet, drink enough water, get enough sleep.

Energize your body from the inside, add flaxseed oil and other foods enriched with omega acids, such as salmon or other redfish. In some cases, brittleness and hair loss is associated with a lack of biotin – then beans, beans, and lentils will be able to make up for the deficiency of this natural protein.