Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for 2023

No one really wants to do their big spring cleaning… But everyone feels better when it’s done, the house is clean, and you can start over for the beautiful season that begins! In addition to good morale, this household is important for the maintenance of a home; Furniture, appliances and other items will keep in good condition for longer. Here are some tips to make your life easier and save time with the famous spring household.


Make a list

Lists are always important for the organization and spring cleaning is no exception! A coin-to-piece to-do list will help to better target the time and effort required, while providing immense satisfaction as tasks are checked! The list for each piece can also be divided into “necessary” and “desirable” tasks.

A list is also very effective when several people (say, the whole family) participate in the spring cleaning. In this way, everyone knows what to do, and no tasks are duplicated.

This type of list is easily found by searching the Internet. It is possible to adapt it to your home or apartment.


Start with storage

A good spring cleaning starts with a tidy interior. The most painless way to do this is to take a laundry basket and go around the rooms, grabbing anything that is not in its place. It’s also time to pick up items that don’t necessarily have space elsewhere but may have done their time and are just gathering dust. Does every surface have to be filled? Probably not. These last items can be reclassified, donated, stored, offered in a garage sale, or as a last resort discarded. It’s time to remove more than less, since the rest of the year we tend to accumulate objects.

For maximum speed, you can then take care of storing the contents of the basket later (for example with a few minutes in the evening before going to bed), or you can make a stone two blows by tidying up at the same time as you collect the objects, until the house is around and there is nothing left in the basket.

Items to be stored or donated can be placed in plastic storage bins, at least temporarily. That way they won’t hurt the spring cleaning, but they can always be recovered if we change our minds.


Tackling the “turn” of the room

The second step is to clean everything around the room. In order, a cloth is passed on: lights and fans, walls, mouldings, doors, air conditioners, heaters, and air ducts.


Dust the furniture afterwards

It makes much more sense to dust parts that were first stored/cleaned.

This means less need to move and dust items on surfaces. Instead of spraying a cleaner all over the surfaces, it’s much quicker to spray only the laundry you dust off with once in a while. This saves the product, too.


Floors last

After picking up, dusting, and cleaning surfaces, the last tasks should be vacuuming and cleaning floors. It’s simple: we go with gravity, from top to bottom. Clean a room from top to bottom and dust it will cause dust to fall back on the floor, so it is only taken care of when everything else is done.


The easiest way to clean stainless steel appliances

Yes, it’s true, stainless steel appliances get dirty quickly and make the finger marks appear … But you really don’t need a chemical to clean them! Only a microfiber cloth and water. You can only wet one corner of the linen and pass it over the entire surface of the stainless steel electros. We then wipe and shine with the dry side of the same linen.


Beat the oven while it’s hot

It would obviously not be prudent to clean a hot oven, but it is much easier to dislodge dirt on a lukewarm oven than a cold oven. Before cleaning it, it can be walked to 250 F for 15 minutes. A cleaning product (e.g., vinegar and baking soda)can then be sprayed inside and out, then left for 20 minutes. Then rub with a sponge or soft brush, then rinse and wipe with a damp cloth.


Watch the temperature before washing your windows

It may seem like a good idea to tackle window washing on a beautiful sunny day… But it’s much better to do it when it’s cloudy. The reason? If it’s sunny, the windows will dry out much faster, probably leaving marks. Another trick: after passing a cloth on the windows (in microfibre, it’s better), you can make the task easier with a raclette (“squeegee”).


Avoid scouring the bathtub and enamelled sinks

Enamelled surfaces should not be cleaned with abrasive powder; it will accelerate the deterioration of the object and remove its shiny finish in the long run. It’s best to clean the bathroom with a simple spray cleaner.


How to remove rust stains

If there are rust stains in the kitchen or bathroom, the solution is simple. Sprinkle the stain with salt, then cut a lemon in half, squeeze it just above the task, then rub it with the half lemon. The mixture can then be allowed to work a little before rinsing.