Pros And Cons of Latex Mattresses

Natural latex for the manufacture of mattresses is made from heveyev juice. The tree grows in Brazil, Southeast Asia, and on plantations in some African countries.

The resulting juice undergoes multi-stage processing. Excess moisture is removed from it. Impurities are separated, natural rubbers are separated, modifiers are added to give the products certain properties. The finished polymer mass is foamed and poured into the molds. The result is latex, elastic, soft material with a porous structure. It gives the softness of the product, improves their anatomical characteristics.

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Which latex to choose: natural or artificial?

In addition to natural latex, modern manufacturers offer a large number of models of mattresses from an artificial analog. This material is made entirely of synthetic polymers, and chemical additives are also used in the manufacture. Thanks to them, artificial latex acquires properties similar to natural: cell structure (provides good ventilation, promotes moisture evaporation) and elasticity (supports the spine, adjusting to the body’s shape). The use of artificial latex allows manufacturers to reduce the price of mattresses significantly.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which material is better. But if there are limitations in the budget when buying a mattress, the artificial analog will be a good choice because it is close in its characteristics to natural. In other cases, it is better to choose natural latex.


What natural latex can be

  1. 100% natural (natural). In such latex, the rubber content of hevea juice should be at least 85%. At the same time, the remaining 15% should be stabilizing and antibacterial additives. It is impossible to do without them, as, in the production of rubber, hevea juice is the process of churning, after which it stabilizes and vulcanizes. All these processes are carried out with the help of additives. 100% natural latex has a spongy structure that does not prevent air circulation. It does not accumulate dust, so it can not appear as dust mites.
  2. It’s natural. According to European standards, latex, which contains more than 20% natural rubber, is already considered natural. In fact, such material is a mixture of artificial latex. This mixing allows to greatly reduces the price of products, but at the same time, it preserves the properties of natural analog: orthopedic, durability, comfort, and hypoallergenicity.

The method of collecting rubber juice from which latex mattresses are made


Benefits of natural latex mattresses

  1. Hygiene. Latex fillers have no odor, do not emit volatile substances, do not contain inclusions that can cause harm to human health. In such a mattress does not accumulate dust, and therefore there are no problems with dust mites and other microorganisms. Latex is safe for young children and people suffering from allergies.
  2. Resilience. A mattress with latex filler takes the form of the body, helping to occupy it in the correct anatomical position and just as easily restores its structure. The product does not deform over time.
  3. A porous structure. Inside the product, the air circulates freely. It does not absorb odors and has the ability to regulate temperature. Depending on the state of the environment, the surface will be warm or cool.
  4. Silentness. Latex does not make a noise and noise when driving. This is an important quality, especially for children’s and double models.


Lack of latex mattresses

The only drawback of latex is the cost. It is more expensive than many other porous materials and serves longer without losing its properties for twenty years or more.

In general, the advantages of natural latex negate its disadvantages. To reduce the cost and improve mattresses’ comfort and life, latex filler is combined with layers of other materials, such as coconut cobra. If you do not save on quality and give preference to well-known manufacturers with a good reputation, the product with latex filler will meet expectations for the level of comfort and will serve the owner for a very long time.