Power of Juices and Plants in Hair Care

Probably everyone remembers the day when I first tasted fresh juice. So much taste that you can almost physically feel how the benefit overflows the glass! And what happens if the magical properties of fresh juices are used in cosmetics?

A little excursion into history. At the beginning of the last century in the German town of Magstadt, pharmacist Walter Schoenenberger created a particularly gentle technology for processing plants, which allowed to carefully obtain from them useful substances in maximum concentration and combine extracts with real juices of direct pressing. It remains to add a natural cleansing base, which carefully cleans hair, additional nourishing and caring components, and turned out a fundamentally new and completely natural shampoo, which contains all the benefits of fresh plants.

The creators of Schoenenberger cosmetics took care not only to extract useful substances but also to ensure that the plants themselves were able to get maximum vitamins: this ensures the conditions of controlled biological cultivation. The German BDIH certificate speaks about the absolute naturalness of the products, and dermatological tests confirm the excellent tolerance of shampoos with skin and hair.

If you are looking for the perfect shampoo, after which the hair will stay fresh and nourished for longer and which will not cause irritation and itching, then it’s time to get to know Schoenenberger.


Hair products review

The extra hairline features shampoos and hair conditioner based on vitamin and mineral elixirs such as fresh birch juices and needles.

How do they work?

  • Birch juice soothes the scalp, peels, and itching restores blood supply to hair bulbs, increasing hair growth.
  • The juice of the hand cream provides hair and skin with silicon, which strengthens the roots, stop hair loss, restores their structure.
  • Inulin is a natural alternative to silicone. It envelops every hair, holds moisture, acts as a natural air conditioner.
  • Essential and cosmetic oils provide additional nourishment, improving the condition of the hair.
  • Soft detergents – sodium social sulfate from coconut oil and glucosides carefully clean without damaging the lipid barrier.

Choose shampoos from this series should be based on the current state of their hair, as each product purposefully solves a particular problem.


Dim and brittle

If your hair is very brittle, break and start to trace from the slightest impact, your option is revitalizing shampoo. It deeply moisturizes, compacts, and facilitates combing thanks to betaine. Lecithin and oats extract urgently restore the damaged structure and protect against brittleness.

In addition to the strengthening juice of the head-tail in this shampoo also actively works the juice of thyme – it regulates the work of the sebaceous glands. So even if the hair is oily but at the same time weakened and dry at the ends, you can safely use this tool.


Dander, itching, and oily scalp

oily scalp

In shampoo against dandruff actively works nettle juice and proton olamine – a wonderful antifungal agent. Shampoo soothes the scalp, prevents excessive sebum secretion, has an antimicrobial effect thanks to sage, nettle juice eliminates excess fat and protects against loss. Panthenol restores hair and saves from brittleness and section.


Thin and rapidly losing volume

Volume shampoo helps hair look more lush and thick thanks to the sealing of their betaine. It deeply hydrates and heals and compacts its structure thanks to yogurt proteins that envelop each hair and protect against the negative effects of the environment. Rosemary extract regulates the sebaceous glands, soothes the skin, and ensures the regeneration of its cells.


Weakened and prone to loss

If you think that anti-age cosmetics for hair are not needed, then it is not! As you get older, the accumulated stress and natural aging processes significantly weaken the hair.

Caffeine shampoo is a very soft but effective remedy that combats the problems of dull, exhausted hair. Caffeine gives shine and strength, tones the scalp, awakens hair growth, and fights the loss – the effect is noticeable after a week! And already familiar to us, birch juices and needles work to strengthen from the very roots.


Air conditioning in 2 minutes

Balm after any, even the softest shampoo is obligatory! His task is to smooth out the scales and provide additional protection.

Usually, balms in natural cosmetics should be left on the hair for 5-10 minutes for the assets to start working. It is believed that instant smoothing can only give silicones. But Schoenberger has managed to create a fast-working and all-natural air conditioner thanks to a special production technology!

It will nourish, restore, moisturize hair of absolutely any type. Jojoba oils, argans, and shea fill hair and scalp with vitamins, prevent moisture and prevent cross-section and brittleness. Wheat proteins make curls denser and stronger, and betaine, derived from beetroot, adds volume and removes static electricity. Just 2 minutes – and, vual!


Tonic from fallout, fatness, and dandruff


Another helper for problem hair is a super-concentrated cocktail of fresh juice and extracts of medicinal plants.

Apply a tonic on the skin immediately after washing the head. It is an indelible remedy that has an additional strengthening effect. Extracts of nettles, burdock root, chamomile, horse chestnut, and hazelnuts prevent hair loss, activate their growth, add volume and take care of the scalp: no more dandruff, itching, flaking, and excessive fatness! Tonic refreshes the scalp and hair and gives them a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma of lavender and eucalyptus.

Another delicious series of shampoos on the juices of ginger, cranberries, pomegranate, aloe, and melissa.


Thin hair: ginger and bamboo

Ginger perfectly tones the hair, giving them shine. Yogurt proteins and bamboo extract envelop the hair, making it thicker and protecting against damage and exposure to negative factors. Hair is lush and healthy, lighter, and better-kept volume.


Damaged: cranberries and aerosols

The shampoo will help restore its structure and not lose moisture thanks to the juice of acerola, which is also a powerful antioxidant, and wheat proteins, able to penetrate deep inside the hair and reduce brittleness by as much as 80%! Well, cranberry oil contains a complex of omega fatty acids, softens, nourishes, moisturizes both hair and skin, and prevents inflammation.


Dry: aloe

The uniqueness of aloe juice is that its molecules can quickly penetrate the deep layers of tissues, which means that they act very effectively, and there is no need to keep the product on the hair for a long time. Aloe deeply moisturizes hair, restores its structure, and has an antioxidant effect. And betaine gives volume, facilitates combing, and relieves irritation from the scalp.


Daily care: pomegranate

Shampoo with bio pomegranate was included in one of our 4freshbox and has already managed to fall in love with many for the ability to wash hair perfectly, as well as for the attractive citrus aroma. Pomegranate is one of the best antioxidants. Its juice protects against premature aging and relieves irritation, fights dandruff, and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to jojoba oil, the hair is moisturized, and betaine does not allow them to be weak and dull.


Sensitive skin: birch

The main components here are birch leaf juice and bio chamomile extract. Daisy perfectly soothes and relieves irritations, as well as accelerates skin regeneration. The juice of birch leaves improves the blood supply to hair bulbs, and, accordingly, the hair stops falling out and receives enough nutrients to grow, not to break and shine health.


Irritation and itching: Melissa and verbena

For the restoration of the skin in record time and the removal of irritations in this shampoo is responsible fresh juice melissa and verbena extract will take care of the narrowing of pores and normalize the work of sebaceous jelly. And, thanks to betaine, hair will gain volume and will be easily combed.

Treat your hair and skin with goodies with fresh juice from Schoenenberger, and they will blossom in beauty, happiness, and health!