How to Grow Long Hair?

At this time, hair is dirty faster, grows slower, is more prone to various damages, suffers from vitamin deficiency, and, of course, more than ever needs nutrition.

But we do not give up and start an operation to save our curls!

How to grow hair if it falls out and natural means to strengthen and grow hair – these are the topics for today’s analysis of flights!

First of all, we want to note that each individual’s hair growth, and on average, is 1.5 cm per month. Do not believe advertising promises about growth from 5 cm, or even 10 cm per month – it is simply impossible!

Well-chosen products and comprehensive care will help to strengthen hair, stimulate slowing growth and prevent falling out. And what, we will tell in detail.

Our editor-in-chief, Karina, shares in the video how to grow hair and talks about top-useful habits that will help you achieve the desired result.


Shampoos to grow and strengthen hair

Shampoos to grow and strengthen hair

The key to healthy and lush hair is an effective means for hair growth and, first of all, the right natural shampoo.

Shampoos based on soap and licorice root from Jurassic Spa – it is an effective means to cleanse hair and strengthen hair bulbs, and therefore, it is an ideal means to reduce hair loss.

Thanks to herbal extracts and essential oils, Alfama shampoo will provide intense growth. Shampoo with rosemary oil Avalon organics will give shine and volume to weakened hair, protect the scalp, and improve microcirculation of the area of the hair follicles, which will also accelerate hair growth.


Rinsing herbs

But one shampoo for hair growth will not be enough. The arsenal must be meant to strengthen and grow hair in the form of rinses. You can make yourself broths from burdock, nettles, and sage.

But, be honest – it takes a long time, and often the enthusiasm to cook broths disappears very quickly. Fortunately, there are ready-made natural rinses, which concentrate all the most useful.

Such concentrates are available from seitan and Jurassic Spa. The principle of action is simple – 1-2 caps are diluted with water, and shampoo-washed hair can be rinsed. Then the funds are not washed off. The hair is stacked as usual!

These products contain a whole set of herbs – nettles, burdock, hop cones, chamomile, fruit acids, and other usefulness. And it takes a little time! If you want to prepare your own rinse, we recommend convenient bags of Biobiti – fill them with hot water for 15 minutes, then squeeze and add cold water, then rinse your hair. The composition is also all useful and necessary herbs for hair growth.


Masks for nutrition and hair growth

Hair, constantly washing in hard water, hot hair dryer styling, and temperature changes in winter, without proper and appropriate care sooner or later, still turn into lifeless and weak.

In this case, the “emergency” rush to the aid of nutritious and restorative hair masks. So if you are wondering how quickly to grow your hair – then mask your best mate.

Of course, here, you can resort to homemade recipes and prepare masks yourself, but we have already analyzed in detail the question of whether there is a benefit from masks at home.

That is why for the best results, we recommend using ready-made natural masks-Natura Siberica, Organic People, Planeta Organica, Mi&Co. Hair masks based on ginger, organic burdock oil, brewer’s yeast, or Kamchatka thermal mud will become a long-awaited breath of freshness and health for the hair.

As a means to accelerate hair growth, Masks are not just desirable but, indeed, necessary. With their bio-active substances, the masks restore the damaged structure of each hair and have a full therapeutic effect. And about the shine, volume and easy combing should be added separately, as well as about the fact that the problem of split ends and brittle tips disappear by itself.

Another excellent means – the program of intensive care from Skinlite, which includes two active drugs – mask and serum. This is a real resuscitation for those in need of help, hair. The serum has a warming effect – very tangible but not irritating, and the mask perfectly smooths, nourishes, and moisturizes. After that, the express-means hair literally comes to life.


Indelible products for rapid hair growth

To protect the hair and nourish it during the day, products such as hair growth sprays and indelible lotions will come to the rescue. Choose those that do not contain silicone and do not weigh down hair. We recommend herbal reins from Jurassic Spa and Weleda, which intensively nourish the roots, improve blood supply, and stimulate strong and healthy hair growth.

Thanks to the unique selection of plant concentrate, prebiotics, and fruit acids, they reduce hair loss and stimulate the growth of new ones. If you wonder how to grow hair if it splits and breaks, you can not do without comprehensive care of the scalp, massage, and nutrients – panthenol and amino acids.

Teana’s indelible lotion Melody passion Teana will provide hair roots with an influx of oxygen and all the necessary vitamins. Conveniently applied on the scalp and perfectly strengthens the hair thanks to a pleasant massage and blocking the mechanisms of their fallout.


Oils – proven hair growth products

Oils - proven hair growth products

One of the ancient natural recipes for hair and scalp care is considered the oils of medicinal plants. Such tools to increase hair growth can be used “a cappella” or added to your favorite shampoo, balm, or mask.

Oil extracts perfectly nourish the hair from the onion to the very tips, carefully care for the scalp, moisturizing, and restoring its healthy balance. The best approach is buckthorn, cedar, or fir oil, of course, burdock and nettle oils, argan oil, and jojoba.

And here are three more amazing tools that should be acquired if you aspire to long curls.

“Hot” oil from Parachute – an Indian hair growth tool that will provide a really “hot” reception to each hair and make work the laziest and even frozen hair bulbs.

Planeta Organica’s Sasankwa oil contains an incredible amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, E, and tocopherols. If the hair falls out and slowly grows – then this oil is exactly what you need. After it, they fall out of the blueness decreases markedly, the hair becomes soft and silky, and the growth for the month will be more noticeable.

Veda Vedica’s Amla oil is rich in ascorbic acid and antioxidants. It is suitable for weakened and damaged hair and those that begin to fall out due to age-related changes. In addition, it seals the hair and gives a remarkable volume and in a fairly short time.


If you dye your hair

And on the “dessert,” we will analyze the most important test for hair – paint. Of course, you want to look beautiful and well-groomed, and naturally, you want to get rid of gray hair. In this case, you can not do without paints or soft dyes.

But the paint is strife! And if you, buying in a deli or beauty salon “safe” Hamonic paint, think that you care about your hair, you are still mistaken in the vast majority of cases. Often in the composition of such paints, there are other, no less harmful than ammonia components.

Paint is a priori hair test, so if you’re dear to your curl curls, then use soft paint or hen-based paints or Basma.

Natural hair dyes from brands such as COLOR MATE, BIOKAP, Logona and will cope with gray hair perfectly will help wonderful reincarnation. Most importantly, it will not spoil your natural data of healthy hair. But the color palette will not yield to the advertised brands from the mass market. Still, you will not find allergens, Persians, lead acetate, and other dangerous components in the composition. Natural paints work on the principle of “no harm” and easily adhere to them.


And a few more tips on how to grow your hair.

  1. Try to give the hair a “respite,” wash them not every day and sometimes arrange “unloading days” – give up drying hairdryer, the rmo big days, flats, and tongs.
  2. Pick up individual care oil, make regular masks and add a few drops to the comb before combing and to your favorite shampoos or masks.
  3. Form good habits. At least 1-2 times a week, arrange a pleasant “procedure” for hair. With regular use of natural cosmetics for 2-3 months, the result will surprise you.

And remember – the process of hair restoration will not work in a couple of weeks, and with competent care, hair will be grateful to you.