How To Get Rid Of Split Ends, Prevention Tips & Causes

We do not always treat our decorations with due respect and care. Hair dyes, chemical perms, and improper care products spoil hair, and as a result, many eventually encounter the phenomenon of split ends of hair.


Why do the tips of the hair split?

Hair with the cut ends look untidy, unattractive, and constantly confused.

In addition, and the color, they are markedly different from the rest of the hair – split tips are duller and lighter. There are several reasons for hair stratification, and in most cases, they act as a friendly complex.

  1. These are hair dyes that affect the structure of the hair and can disrupt it. And an unbalanced diet in which hair lacks vitamins and trace elements. And bad habits, because, thanks to nicotine and alcohol abuse, B vitamins are destroyed, caffeine can wash out of the body calcium and iron – the main trace elements that hair needs.
  2. Also, hair spoils hot styling hairdryer, iron, and various thermal devices. Fluid deficiency can also cause split ends or fairly large long hair. If your hair is longer than 30 cm, then the bundle at the ends is inevitable. The protective layer can no longer cope with the task at this mark, and external sources like wind, frost, or sun only add oil to the fire.
  3. Hard and too hot water and improperly selected care products also play an important role in the appearance of split ends. Harmful components contained in low-quality hair cosmetics dry and aggravated the hair, which leads to additional brittleness. Parabens, sulfates, and silicones can cause the fragility of hair and irritations on the scalp or similar allergic reactions.


How to deal with split ends?

How to deal with split ends

Some sad pictures we get but do not throw everything on its own! We need to find ways to solve this problem, so we will think together about getting rid of split ends.

  • For prevention and better hair growth, hairdressers recommend that you trim about 2 cm of your hair in 2-3 months. As paradoxical as it may sound, they need to be cut regularly for the hair to be long and beautiful.
  • If you dye your hair, change the ammonia paints to safer or more vegetables.
  • Give up metal and plastic combs. They will be easily replaced by wooden, ceramic, or brushes with a soft pile.
  • Drying hair with a hot hairdryer can alternate with natural drying, and the use of iron or flats may be at least not daily.
  • Pick up comprehensive care for your hair—soft shampoo without weighting, caring conditioner. Make masks 1-2 times a week and regularly use oils for the tips of the hair. After all, such hair lacks moisture and nutrition!

But with the selection of comprehensive care and therapeutic effects on damaged hair just now, we will deal with it. Do not delay the restoration of the beauty of your hair for later, and let’s find out right now how to restore the split tips of the hair.


How to restore brittle and split hair?

The resumption of the beauty of damaged hair should take place only comprehensively, reconstructing the hair in all directions. The main thing in the treatment of damaged hair is the right soft shampoo. Is it worth reminding that harmful synthetic components in popular shampoos are not that to restore hair will not help, but also worsen the situation?

Choose a soft shampoo and balm.

For hair to regain strength and beauty, it is necessary not to choose shampoos for damaged hair. And carefully read the composition. Our enemies in such shampoos – Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and other silicones-will lead to brittleness and cross-ness after a certain time. Unwanted and sulfates – SLS, SLES, which in the end can dry your curls.

Choose shampoos with gentler cleansing ingredients. Ideally, the role of PAW in such shampoos perform washed oils, soap root, or it is shampooed without sulfates – instead of SLS, you will find there safe Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, and others.

And not to look for a long time, pay attention to such proven brands as Jurassic Spa, Organic Tai, Planeta Organica, Levana, or the certified Line of Shampoos Natura Siberica.


How to treat split hair with masks?

The use of hair masks is comparable to the shock dose of vitamins that lift a weakened and painful body to its feet. The use of masks every 3-4 days will give results in the first week. And if you need an instant result, as they say, “here and now,” then use express masks. They will give a visible result and provide quick help but will not give a thorough and deep nutrition and hydration.

Cooking masks yourself and at home, of course, you can, but what to invent the wheel, especially as some rare components you can not find in free sale.

Avocados, buckthorns, honey, oils, and vitamins are all excellent organic ingredients on which the strengthening, restorative, and care masks are based.


Oils – the best remedy for split ends

One of the best solutions to the problem of dry hair is natural oils. This remedy for split ends of hair actively nourishes and strengthens damaged hair and brings back natural shine and radiance.

What can be more versatile and nutritious than natural oils that enliven brittle tips and make them more elastic and flexible? These natural health elixirs are suitable for self-use and as additives to your favorite shampoos or masks. Light oils, such as buckthorn, almond, or coconut, instantly fill the tips and do not require washing. You can use them during the day or apply in the morning when styling hair – a minimal amount.

But as masks for the treatment of damaged hair, we recommend using oil complexes, including several useful oils and plant extracts that work to strengthen from the roots.


Indelible care

Also, not an unimportant moment in solving the complex problem of damaged hair and split ends are grooming creams, moisturizing sprays, and protecting heat protection. Indelible care gives hair additional nutrition and protection, and you light elastic styling without weighing hair.

Such cosmetics on a natural organic basis will not allow external aggressive sources to influence the structure of the hair. It will help to preserve the natural moisture, so necessary to dry hair.

And even if you use a hairdryer irregularly and avoid hot styling with tweezers or iron, it does not mean that the means with heat protection should be neglected. Frosts or scorching sun also spoil and dry hair, so hats also do not discount.

If you follow all of the above tips and recommendations, you will quickly restore and cure split tips and avoid the appearance of this trouble again.

When the problem is solved, do not forget to maintain a gentle mode for hair – limit the use of varnishes and heavy cosmetics for styling and do not comb wet hair, regularly trim the tips of the hair.