10 Tips to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

By changing the hair color, we can start a new life and change externally and internally.

And just as you want to consistently and regularly adhere to the new rules, principles of nutrition, or sports schedule, you want to keep your perfect new style as long as possible.


How to extend the durability of color-dyed hair?

color-dyed hair

Unfortunately, quite often, the color of freshly painted hair treacherously changes after a week after painting. How to keep the shine and the chosen shade at least until the next coloring procedure?

There are secrets, and we are happy to share them with you. And we will start with procedures over hair before dyeing – so read carefully, especially if only you are going to dye your hair! But even if you are already with stained hair, our tips will help you to keep the color, and further coloring will be even more persistent.

Before staining, ensure maximum hair care

For a start, hair needs constant care. This is an axiom, and you should always stick to it. To keep the color and radiance of dyed hair, you need to start taking care of the hair even before the paint. Ideally, if you have a couple of weeks to perform recovery procedures, therapeutic hair masks will impregnate hair with vitamins and protect its structure, and essential oils and balms will add strength and strength, and by the time your hair is dyed strong and healthy.

Also, for two weeks before staining, forget about the chemical perm and limit the use of devices for heat laying. Irons, tongs, and flats dry and spoil the hair; it is not a secret, so at least for this period, set them aside.


Don’t wash your head on the day of staining.

Just before staining, the head should not wash. First, the paint will lie worse; secondly, the hair will not be protected and dry, especially lightening. But if the day before you used the means for styling – gel, mousse, or hairspray, then all this styling left on the hair will reduce the effect of coloring pigments on the hair.

Ideally, it is better to wash the hair 1-2 days before dying.


After staining, refrain from washing your head for at least 24 hours

Allow the paint to gain a foothold on the hair, do not prevent the coloring pigments from absorbing to the fullest. Skimming shampoos, especially shampoos from dandruff, are quite aggressive, and they should be used not earlier than 24 hours and ideally after 48 hours.


Choose a soft shampoo for dyed hair.

After all, it is no accident that beauticians have developed them and called them special shampoos for dyed hair. Such detergents do not contain components that wash out staining pigments. If you don’t want to have dim and bright hair a week after painting, reconsider your shampoo selection views. The right shampoo will have in its composition sunscreen filters that nourish proteins and natural components, such as bee wax or plant extracts, which will give shine and healthy radiance to your hair and strengthen the hair itself and its bulb.


Choose hairlines that match your coloring color.

Shampoo for dyed hair – it’s already good. And to preserve a certain shade, we recommend choosing such a shampoo under the color of coloring.

  • The extract of laurel and rosemary in the shampoo is suitable for owners of dark hair. These natural components at each wash of the head will preserve the color of the hair and add to its saturation and shine.
  • For blondes and blond beauties in the composition of shampoo is a desirable extract of honey, chamomile, or aloe.
  • To keep the redhead on the dyed hair will help turmeric and carrots, and if you painted hena, then shampoos with its contents you will also be suitable for help.

With these shampoos, the color of your hair will remain for a long time, and the hair stops trained and becomes thicker.


Don’t forget about balm: better the same brand as shampoo

The second but no less important component of care for dyed hair is a balm. The balm is also able to preserve and even restore hair color. When applying balm on wet hair, all scales are carefully closed, and the dyeing particles are preserved. If the Conditioner and shampoo are chosen by one brand and one line, the result will be the best, the hair color will be preserved, the curls will be healthy and beautiful, and the scalp is well-groomed.


Intensive Care: Masks for dyed hair are obligatory!

No matter how gentle the paint is, hair is still stressful. Painted hair is all the more in need of intensive care, nutrition, and protection.

More active assistants, such as hair masks, come to the rescue. Regular use of masks will give your hair a chance to become as healthy, beautiful, and sleek as possible. Masks on a natural basis, thanks to natural ingredients, are saturated with vitamins, fatty acids, and active substances. Masks contain macadam, northern powder, forest sage, or argan, soften hair, protect against moisture loss, and stimulate hair growth. Thanks to them, you will keep both beautiful colors and shine and, most importantly, strengthen the hair.


Keep it shine and shine with oils.

Cosmetic hair oils are responsible for deeper and more intense nutrition and hydration. The buckthorn and coconut oils restore the damaged structure of the dyed hair, eliminate brittleness and provide thermal protection when styling. Hair becomes elastic and smooth, and thanks to keratin, it becomes stronger and stronger.

For chalked hair or blonde hair, coconut oil with lemon and chamomile will be a great help. Such oil is not only an excellent antioxidant but also a wonderful protector against ultraviolet light, and therefore irreplaceable during the summer sun and heat.


Rinse your hair with herbs for color resistance

The final stage in the care procedures is rinsing. Regular rinsing of hair with special herbal complexes is ideal for those who use natural-based paints. In addition to strengthening the roots and stimulating hair growth, such rinse procedures do not wash the color of dyed hair, but on the contrary, saturate it and make it more shiny and beautiful.

  • Sage is perfect for dark hair.
  • Daisy is suitable for blond hair.
  • Henna is exclusively suitable for those who dye their hair henna or paint on its basis.

After using herbal rinses, the hair is much easier to comb, confused during the day, and hair loss disappears. Also, this cosmetic product has an antistatic effect.


Choose sparing hair dyes.

And, of course, carefully approach the choice of the paint itself. Hair dyes are best to choose sparing and bio-base. Natural paints with mineral ingredients perfectly cope with gray hair, strengthen hair and take care of the scalp. And additional coloring to maintain the color will not have a harmful effect, unlike more aggressive colors.

We recommend brands such as BioKap, Logona, Asia, LadyHenna, Biobiti, Seiten, ColorMate.


A few more tips for dyed hair

Here are some simple but effective recommendations, adhering to which you will take more care of your hair.

  • Do not keep the paint on your hair for longer than the recommended time.
  • Do not leave already mixed paint, and use it immediately.
  • Do not use metal combs.
  • Don’t visit the pool and sauna in the week ahead. High temperatures and chlorine will not help to preserve the color of hair, but on the contrary, will prevent gaining foothold color pigments on the hair.
  • If you still prefer bright coloring, then choose, in this case, the most careful and intensive care.
  • If after coloring, stick to the following of our tips, the color, shine, and radiance of your hair will please you and others for as long as possible.