Coconut Oil For The Body | Benefits And How to Use It

You don’t need to spend a fortune on body creams to maintain beautiful, healthy skin, as coconut oil is an excellent substitute for body cream. We even dare to tell you that it may even be better. This natural product has a lot of benefits that you have to know to know how incredible they can be and, after knowing them, you will surely want to take advantage of them as well. This vegetable oil is exceptional for skin, hair, nails, etc.

Therefore, in this article, we want to talk to you about coconut oil for the body, its benefits, and how to use it correctly.


Coconut oil for the body: benefits and properties

Coconut oil is among the best natural cosmetic products used to moisturize and improve the skin. Many people already know and enjoy the many benefits of this wonderful oil. The good thing about coconut oil is that in a single product are combined the properties that others offer separately. With this natural product, your body only receives great benefits, thanks to the essential vitamins and fatty acids it contains.

Using coconut oil on your body brings you several noteworthy benefits, given the special properties it has. These are the main properties and benefits of coconut oil:

  • It has moisturizing and regenerating properties: the presence of vitamins E and K highlights the benefits of coconut oil. It keeps your skin hydrated, with extreme softness, and helps heal or regenerate it. It is highly recommended if you are in the stage of pregnancy to combat stretch marks, and it is also ideal when you detect the first signs of aging in your skin.
  • It is an excellent antioxidant: you know that free radicals are the enemies of youth because they are the main causes of aging. Coconut oil combats its action, thus delaying the appearance of dreaded wrinkles on the skin. Thanks to these antioxidant properties, the pH of the skin is balanced. In combination with vitamins E and K, it is the perfect formula to prevent fine lines on the chest, neck, face, and hands. In this other article, we reveal how to use coconut oil for wrinkles.
  • It is antiseptic and fungicide: due to its high lauric acid content, it helps you prevent infectious skin processes, such as bacterial, fungal infections, complications in acne, or dermatitis, among others. It can even help you avoid the appearance of fungus on your feet, hands, nails, and scalp. Coconut oil is extraordinary to take care of the health of your whole body.


Uses of coconut oil: what is it for?

coconut oil

Your whole body can fall victim to inclement weather, age, and some habits that can be harmful. Therefore, if you want to look perfect skin, you can use coconut oil throughout your body to guarantee that you are applying a product of natural origin. You can apply coconut oil all over your body, from head to toe, because it is a product that is healthy, as long as it is used correctly.

These are the main uses of coconut oil for the body:

  • Clean the face: It works perfectly as a facial make-up remover. In addition to cleansing your face, it gives you an extra supply of hydration.
  • Exfoliate the skin: you will feel pleasant well-being that your skin will appreciate looking shiny and smooth.
  • Remove skin spots: Continued use of coconut oil on your skin attenuates stains that may come out from prolonged sun exposure. Check with your dermatologist before using it for this purpose; no one better than a specialist will determine whether it’s right or not for your stains. In this other post, you can consult more about Coconut Oil for face stains.
  • Coconut oil for hair: as a hair mask, coconut oil is unrivaled. In addition to moisturizing and keeping your hair strong and silky, it helps you have a higher growth rate.
  • Moisturize the body: If you are one of the people who are very lazy when it comes to moisturizing body skin every time you shower, we advise you to try applying some coconut oil before drying your skin. You will notice that it is much more elastic, very hydrated, and soft. You’ll have no excuse to look beautiful anymore.
  • Coconut oil for nails: it is another of the wonders that this vegetable product gives us. Apply it to your nails and cuticles periodically, and you’ll notice how they strengthen over time. Find out more about Coconut Nail Oil Properties here.


How to use coconut oil for the body

As fascinating as shopping and finding the best coconut oil for your skin and hair, it’s applying it and waiting for the results that occur immediately afterward, as it’s straightforward to use, and you’ll soon notice its benefits.

But how to apply coconut oil to the body? Here are some of the best ways:

  • Foot and hand care: Before bed, massage your feet and hands with a little coconut oil. Be sure to massage the cuticles well to moisturize them. When you finish, you will notice the softness of your skin; it will look hydrated and healthy.
  • Exfoliate the body: Mix some coconut oil with brown sugar and rub gently throughout the body. Leave it on for a few minutes, at the end of clean with warm water. In the end, you will feel the skin much smoother and softer. We recommend you know how to make a bicarbonate and coconut oil exfoliator¬†with this other article.
  • Moisturize drier areas of the body: There are areas of the body prone to dryness, such as elbows or knees. To improve the appearance of these areas, place a sufficient amount giving circular massages. You can wait until it absorbs in a few minutes, and then you can remove it with natural water.
  • Repair tips: apply it like a lip balm and feel the silky result that it will leave on them, as it is a great moisturizer and will help regenerate the skin of dry and cut lips.
  • Nourishing, moisturizing, and strengthening hair: applying coconut oil to the hair is very easy. It can be used directly or combined with other natural products to make masks and creams that repair dry and damaged hair, shine and help it grow better. It should be applied dry or with very little humidity; leave it on for several minutes or a few hours and then wash the mane as normal. Here are several options for Coconut Oil Hair Masks.

Applying coconut oil is very simple, as it has the peculiarity of being easy to absorb. In general, you can apply it anywhere on your body: from your hair to strengthen it and grow it to the feet that are often abused by shoes.

When using coconut oil, you don’t need to help with any applicator, as your hands are the perfect implement to apply it. You will also have the advantage that at the end of the process, these will also benefit. So, if you prefer, you can include applying coconut oil to your body as part of your beauty routine.


How to choose coconut oil for the body

Coconut oil has several presentation formats on the market. Coconut oil in a glass canister, as such, has the peculiarity that it solidifies when the ambient temperature drops below 22oC or 24oC.

It can also help you as a nutritional supplement, as it can be a good companion during a weight loss process, thanks to the healthy fatty acids it contains. If you want to take coconut oil to lose weight, seek the help of a health and weight professional (endocrine, dietitian, nutritionist, etc.) and try coconut oil capsules.

Without a doubt, the best way to purchase this product is in the form of 100% organic coconut oil. It must be processed using cold pressing, as this ensures that it retains its natural properties to the maximum. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the packaging. Always choose coconut oil that is sold in glass containers, as plastic can contaminate the product.

We hope we have helped you discover what the benefits of coconut oil are in the body and how to use it.

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