12 Reasons Why White Vinegar Is the Most Magical Household Ingredient

If you don’t have white vinegar at home, you can only be encouraged to buy it the next time you shop. The number of services this liquid can provide you is indeed impressive! Here are some magical uses of white vinegar.

White vinegar in the kitchen

To disinfect

White vinegar has disinfectant virtues. This allows it to be used to clean its cutting board. We put vinegar on a sponge and rub vigorously. Another method: soak the board in vinegar with a little water.


To desaturate

One of the most common and practical uses of white vinegar is to desaturate. For a coffee maker, for example. The operation is simple, we pour white vinegar mixed with water and start the coffee maker, without putting coffee of course. We finish by doing two cycles with only water, to rinse the device well and there: magic, the coffee maker is like new!


To take off a cauldron

If you have had the food stuck in a cauldron that now seems unrecoverable, boil vinegar. Wait until everything cools down and you can clean it normally. If the smell of the vinegar that heats bothers you, you can also forget the heating step and let the vinegar work at room temperature for at least 12 hours. The result will be amazing!


For the microwave

Do you have a microwave oven in poor condition? Is the inside all dirty? Place a bowl of water and vinegar inside and start your oven for five minutes. The steam that comes out will clean it. Then make a sponge on the walls, the trick is done!


To degrease

There’s nothing better than white vinegar to beat a dish full of fat. You can also put the equivalent of a tablespoon in your dishwasher, it will make it easier to clean.


White vinegar in the bathroom

For the washer

As with the coffee maker, white vinegar can help clean the washer, especially if your water is “hard.” Make a cycle without clothes and in hot water by adding 2 cups of vinegar and it’s cleaned.


To clean the bathroom

As effective as many commercially sold products, white vinegar mixed with water will be perfect for cleaning your bathroom, toilet, bath, sink and ceramics. You can put it in a sprayer at the rate of one slice of vinegar for 3 parts water.


To unclog a pipe

There are certainly specific products in the trade to unblock a pipeline. But most of the time, you don’t have to buy them, you can do very well with what you have at home. To unclog a pipe, for example, simply pour about one cup of baking soda into the blocked pipe and pour a cup of white vinegar. The combination of the two products will create a chemical reaction that will clean your pipe. After a few minutes, all you have to do is rinse with hot water.


To eliminate odours

White vinegar can also help remove bad odors from your pipes. A cup of liquid in your pipes and bye bye bad smells.


Other use of white vinegar in the home

To remove the glue

White vinegar can also help you clean a surface where there is glue. Pass a vinegar-soaked sponge and rub.


To tackle rust

Rust appears? Take out your vinegar and soak the rusty objects in the liquid without diluting it.


To clean windows

No need to buy a product to clean your windows, just use a bottle with spray in which you will have mixed 1 part vinegar for 3 parts water. Your windows will be as clear as with a market product. For the smell, don’t panic, it will fly away quickly!