About US

Makeover and transformation are two magic words in everyone’s life. It not only changes your appearance but also makes you confident to rule over the world and takes up new challenges. The urge to transform people in their best form has compelled skicc to open this website.

I am Poonam Patil, my team and I are continuously working together to make Indian men and women well-groomed and beautiful. We at Skicc, provide complete guide and latest trends on beauty and grooming product reviews, and makeup. We believe that making someone attractive is an art and one needs correct tools and knowledge to do it. Skicc teams are a group of efficient and professional fashion designers, pharmacists, health care experts, and makeup artists who are working day and night to offer you unbelievable tips.

We review some of the most demanding and most significant products for styling and grooming. So, you know which product is the most suitable one for you. We provide our own opinion without getting biased by any famous brand.  We not only offer detail reviews but also inform our readers about “How to Use” guides also. So, if you are confused about which shampoo to use for your dry hair or how to grow your moustache, then Skicc is an ideal platform for you.

Our only aim is to please and direct our readers so that you can buy the most resourceful product according to your requirements. Keep reading and watch out for more details.

You can contact us with all your queries and suggestion at skiccpoonam@gmail.com.

Our sole motto is to make everyone feel good and look best.

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