Topic of Manual
II CCI is commercial organization. The powers of company officials are well defined in the organization. The duties are assigned from time to time.
IV # Zeal to Excel and Zest for change
# Integrity and fairness in all matters
# Respect for Dignity and Potential of Individuals
# Strict Adhirence to Commitments
# Ensue speed of response
# Foster Learning, Creativity and Team-work
# Loyality and pride in Company.
V CCI has formulated the rules for conduct of business in the company. Major given documents are listed below:
# Article of Association and Memorandum of Association of Company.
# Personnel Manual
# Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules
# Purchase policy
# Work Policy
# Marketing manual
VI Company holds the commercial and technical documents regarding the business operation of the company and data relating to its employees.
VII CCI has interface with various Parliamentary Committees. In addittion, facility has provided at CCI Web-site for addressing queries from public.
VIII CCI has constituted many committees to oversee the operations and to planning directions/guidelines. The meetings of these committees ae neither open to public notice.
XII Not Applicable
XIII Not Applicable
XIV Information related to company Profile/Business is available at
XV Company does not maintain any public library
XVII Other useful information.


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